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Moorside Show: Saturday 7th September

Posted by Moorside Allotments Association on Monday, 1 April 2019


About The Show

Our Show is held every year in September.  This is an opportunity to exhibit your vegetables and flowers.  If you prefer just come along and enjoy looking at the exhibits, sampling the barbeque and browsing our stalls. We have stalls giving information about things of interest, such as Greening Wingrove and the Comfrey Project and there are also stalls for photography, art, wooden toys and bird boxes, books, jams, cakes and Moorside’s own plant scheme with herbs, vegetable plants and perennial flowers for sale.  There is face-painting for the children.  We set out an explorer’s trail for anyone to explore on a stroll along the lanes, labels are placed on some of the gates so you can read some information about some of the things that you can see in the gardens over the gates.   Bring a bag with you to take home any books or other things you buy from our stalls.  There are usually lots of good prizes in our raffle and it is well worth buying a few tickets.

Children’s activities are on a well sign posted allotment and include a tombola, hook a duck, ball in a bucket and shot in a pot golf activities.

The SHE choir performs at 2.00 pm.

Watch out for the wanted posters which go up before the event, as we need cakes for the tea and cakes at the Barbeque area.  We need books, DVDs, CDs and nearly new toys for the book stall. We also need volunteers to help with setting up the tents on the morning before the show and other essential preparations on the morning of the show.  Please get in touch if you are free to join in.      

show produce 1

Produce On Show

show produce 2

Flowers On Show

The exhibitors’ brochure is produced in the month before the show. This gives information about the categories to enter this year.  Look out for the children’s categories, open to any younger relatives. The categories for this year’s show will be much the same as last year.

Don’t think that showing is just for old hands.  We really encourage new exhibitors, you will find its good fun and there are prize cards for first, second and third places in each category.  It is a very pleasant surprise when you get your first prize card! The trading hut will put you in touch with someone to give advice on how to present your entries if you ask. There is also an array of you tube videos, easy to find if you type Moorside Allotment into the YouTube search. All exhibitors need to remember to have their exhibits in the tent by 11.00 a.m. as the judging starts soon after.  The judges are invited independent experts who need plenty of time to ensure that they are ready to open the show tent for inspection at 1.00 p.m.

There are a number of shields and cups awarded on the day. Including a cup for the best Moorside newcomer’s plot…. this is judged in July, so you will know about this before the show if you are to get the award. A newcomer is a gardener who has been on site at Moorside for less than a year.

We have a show brochure available on show day which lists our Raffle prizes, stall holders and has a map of the site.  We hope that visitors who have not been to our site before will follow the trail along the allotment lanes and learn a little about some of the produce from labels hung on some of the gates.

The show is a family event and is open to visitors from the locality and further afield.      

We hope to see you at the show, do bring your friends and family as well.                  

 show picture 1

Face Painting

 show picture 2


A typical show schedule:-

  • Entry forms must be in by 2.00 p.m. on the day before the show.
  • Show items must be in the show tent by 11.00 am.
  • The show opens its gates to visitors at 12.30 pm.
  • The explorer’s and visitors’ trail and the information and sales stalls open then.
  • The show tent is open for inspection at 1.00 pm.
  • SHE choir at 2.00 pm.
  • Prize giving at 2.30 pm followed by the raffle draw.

                                                                                                                                                                                                Pat Francis      Show Secretary   Plot 5     May 2018



 The categories for the 2018 show are:

Section One: Vegetables

1. Potatoes (5)

2. Carrots (3)

3. Beetroot (3)

4. Onions (3)

5. Shallots (6)

6. Runner beans (6)

7. Broad beans (6)

8. Fine Beans (French/Borlotti) (6)

9. Pot leek (2)

10. Blanched leek (2)

11. Cucumber (1)

12. Tomatoes (6)

13. Cabbage (1)

14. Cauliflower (1)

15. Parsnips (3)

16. Peas (6 pods)

17. Turnips (2)

18.  Swede (1)

19. Sweet-corn (2)

20. Pepper, sweet (1)

21. Peppers, chilli (3)

22. Garlic (3)

23. Aubergine (1)

24. Courgettes (3)

25. Rhubarb (3 sticks)

26. Any other Vegetable

 Section Two: Flowers

27. Gladioli (3)

28. Sweet Pea (6 stems)

29. Chrysanthemum any class (3)

30. Pompom / Ball Dahlia (3)

31. Cactus Dahlia (3)

32. Decorative Dahlia (3)

33. Collerette / Waterlily Dahlia (3)

34. Roses (3 or 3 stems if cluster-flowered)

35. Any other flower (3 or three stems if cluster flowered)

36. Basket of Flowers                                                                                                                                                

Section Three: Fruit

37. Plate Dessert Apples (3)   

38. Plate Cooking Apples (3)

39. Plate Pears (3)

40. Plate Plums (3)

41 Plate soft fruit

 Section Four: Home Produce

42. Jar of jelly

43. Jar of jam

44. Jar of marmalade

45. Jar of chutney

46. Jar of pickle

47. A decorated cake

48. Cup cakes (3)

 Section Five: For Children

 Under sevens:

49. Drawing of a fruit, veg or flower

50. Funny face using fruit, veg or flowers or a mix

51. Monster made from fruit, veg or flowers or a mix

Seven to Fourteen:

52. Drawing of a garden or allotment

53. Scarecrow (two feet max size)

54. Monster made from fruit, veg, flowers or a mix

 Section Six: For Fun

55. Ugliest vegetable

56. Smallest carrot

57. Longest runner bean

58. Largest onion

59. A decorated egg

Section Seven: Photograph

60. Best photograph taken on Moorside Allotments.

No bigger than 7” x 5” printed. Colour or Black and White.

One entry per person only.                   

Section Eight: Bowls and Trays

61. Salad Bowl                        Any three kinds of salad from:-

Lettuce (1); radish (2); courgettes (2); salad onions (3); cucumber (1); salad potatoes (3); tomatoes (3); Any other salad vegetable (number as listed in section one)

 62. Top Tray

Three types of vegetable from this list:-

3 carrots; 2 cauliflowers; 3 onions; 3 parsnips;

6 pea pods; 3 potatoes; 6 runner bean pods;

6 tomatoes or any vegetable in section one (number as listed)

 63. Top Vase - Mixed flowering stems containing a total of between 5 and 10 stems taken from 2 or more different kinds of plant

 Section Nine: Trophies and Awards

64. Junior Master Gardener

Two different vegetables grown by a junior under the age of 14                            


Please note that the deadline for submission of entries is 2pm, the day before the show