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Local Events In The Community

5th December - Comfrey Project Christmas Event


We would like to invite you, among a few other friends, to join us for a small cosy event this festive season, where we shall celebrate the unity and diversity among us.


The event will take place on Wednesday the 19th of December, any time between 11am to 2:30pm.


It's only a small 'do' and just an opportunity to see some of our friends, and together wave goodbye but also say thanks to the year which is now about to end.


We will do this 'The Comfrey' way, of course, which by now you must have come to expect -and hopefully look forward to: with delicious food and live music from around the world, fun and games!


Food will be served throughout so we will make sure everyone is being fed no matter what time and for how long you are staying!


So, if you can make it, please let me know.


Looking forward to seeing you then.


Kind Regards,


Eleni Venaki


Development Coordinator


The Comfrey Project,Windmill Hills Centre, Chester Place,Gateshead, NE8 1QB,Tel: 0191 447 7801

Web: www.thecomfreyproject.org.uk

12th September - Greening Wingrove Update


Hopefully, everyone has been having a good summer!  As we head into the early stages of autumn, here are a few updates on Greening Wingrove & Arthur’s Hill activities.  To reflect our expanded area more accurately, we’ll increasingly describe ourselves as Greening Wingrove & Arthur’s Hill ……. and one of our members has kindly redesigned our logo accordingly.  A copy is attached and any comments would be welcome.

 In this ‘issue’ of our mailing you can find items on:

  • Nuns Moor Allotments – an unfolding story
  • Litter picks
  • Friends of Nuns Moor Park
  • Wildlife Walk
  • Apple Day
  • Vertical Veg
  • Hire the Bike Garden
  • And other news


 Forthcoming litter picks:

  •  Saturday 15 September, meeting at the Time Exchange, 235 Stanton Street, Arthur’s Hill for 11.00 am.  We’ll be working along Beaconsfield Street.  All equipment provided and all welcome but children must be accompanied by an adult.  Light refreshments at the Time Exchange around 1.00 pm.
  •  Wednesdays, meeting outside Medina Foods, corner of Nuns Moor Road and Wingrove Road, at 10.00 am with Rosemary Nicholson.
  •  Mondays, meeting at the Bike Garden, Nuns Moor Park, at 10.00 am with Jill Dales and Alison Pride to do the Park clean up.

 And you may like to know that the City Council has shared an e-mail address with us for a more direct way of reporting litter and refuse to be removed in the Wingrove and Arthur’s Hill Wards.  Please pass it on to anyone who’d like to use it: KeepItClean@newcastle.gov.uk

 And we’d like to wish Greening Wingrove member, Sarah Groves, and her family, all good wishes for their future life in Manchester.  They’ve been a terrific support for our anti-litter campaigning on the streets and in the local schools.  We’ll miss them!

 And, and …. Don’t forget to catch Minty, the Nuns Moor Park Guardian, designed by local children, at the Geordie Local Heroes exhibition at the City Library between 3 September and 5 October!


 The Friends of Nuns Moor Park are continuing their sessions in the Park for anyone who’d like to help improve the entrances, Bike Garden and Rockery.  The next session will take place on Saturday 29 September, 10.00 am – 12.30 pm.  Just turn up at the Bike Garden.  Tools and gloves will be provided, but sturdy footware and waterproofs are advised.  We’re also expecting volunteers from Goodgym to take part again. Light refreshments will be available.

 Thanks to everyone who offered to volunteer prompted by our last newsletter.  If any readers would like to be put in touch with Jill Dales and the Friends of the Park, please reply to this mailing.

 There will also be a Friends of the Park planning meeting on Thursday 13 September at the Bike Garden from 5.30 pm.  All welcome.            To keep in touch with the Friends of the Park, drop into their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/friendsofnunsmoorpark/


 There will be another wildlife and wildflower spotting walk from the Bike Garden to Elswick Park on Saturday 8 September, meeting at Nuns Moor Park at 10.30 am.  This is in support of the wildlife corridor that is being created to link Nuns Moor Park with Elswick Park.  And at the end of the walk, everyone is welcome to enjoy the Elswick Park Summer Celebration event.

 More details are on the Bike Garden Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011520821307


 Planning is about to start to hold another Apple Day in Nuns Moor Park.  The Friends of the Park will decide on a date when they meet  next week, but if anyone would like to help out, do please get in touch.


The next vertical veg growing session is as follows:

  Harvest Festival

  •   Date & Time: Wednesday 19th September 2018, at 6pm
  • Venue: outside the Orthodox church on Brighton Grove, NE4 5PB
  • Activities: Bring plants or produce to swap and share if you can! Join the discussion about successes or failures of growing in 2018

            Further details are on the Vertical Veg North East Facebook page:

 We were glad to host a visit to some of the vertical veg growing locations last week by academic staff and postgraduate students attending Ushaw College’s annual conference in Durham on global citizenship and sustainability.  They were really inspired by what they saw happening in the Arthur’s Hill terraces, especially as their other visits earlier on had been to locations where ‘greening’ appeared to be an addition to property development rather than community-led initiatives to overcome an otherwise bleak environment.


The Bike Garden and Pavilion is proving popular as avenue to hire for a variety of uses.  For more details see:            http://greeningwingrove.org.uk/nuns-moor-park/the-bike-garden/booking-enquiry-form/  If anyone would like to see the Bike Garden and Pavilion, please contact: gw.bikegarden@gmail.com


  • Greening Wingrove CIC has extended its boundaries to include the whole of the new Arthur’s Hill and Wingrove Wards.  This means that more people can become involved in our work, and can join our Board.   For more details, contact nigeltodd@phonecoop.coop
  • Environment Agency Volunteers’ Day – our new relationship with the Environment Agency has produced a volunteering day for Agency staff scheduled for Nuns Moor Park on Friday 28 July.

Planning survey – Ian Babylon, a PhD student at Northumbria University, is inviting participation in his on-line survey of digital mapping as part of planning processes.  Ian’s focus is on the current Streets for People consultative research linked with encouraging more walking and cycling in Wingrove and Arthur’s Hill.  His on-line link also includes the ‘Commonplace’ mapping already carried out in our part of the City: https://northumbria.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/commonplace-communitygroups-fenham

Best wishes.



Greening Wingrove CIC

18th July - Tweed Street Open Day

Tweed Street Allotment Association are holding their annual open day on the 18th August. For more Information Click the flier below

tweed street 18

15th June - Comfrey project
The Comfrey Project are hosting an event next week to celebrate both Refugee Week and Gateshead Volunteering Month.The event is part of Refugee Week 2019 and Gateshead Volunteering Month, to celebrate the contribution of refugees and all volunteers, as well as the rich heritage found in our community. It is also an invitation for people to see the results so far of the hard work that the volunteers of The Comfrey Project have been putting in, turning the Windmill Hills site into a community garden for all to enjoy. There will be music, dance and song from  the Comfrey volunteers and local musicians/performers, including modern and traditional British performances, that you can take part, too. A multicultural photo-booth, tours of the garden, fun gardening and craft activities, and games to play on the green. And of course it would not be a Comfrey event without the delicious traditional food from around the world! For any organisation out there wishing to promote their services or volunteering opportunities currently available, please do get in touch as it is possible to hold a stall, drop off information materials and email volunteering posts for us to put up on a Volunteering Board featured at Windmill Hills comfrey
12th June - Tyneside Crowdfunding Platform Launch

You are invited to join us as we launch Tyneside Crowd , a new Crowdfunding platform where people in the Tyneside area can collaborate on creative and innovative projects to improve and celebrate the places where they live, work and study.

When/Where: 25th of June at 5pm at the Bewick Hall at the City Library, 33 New Bridge St W, NE1 8AX

Free registration: Register here

From music festivals to art installations, guerrilla gardening to pop up markets, if you have an idea to make your place even better, we want to hear from you. Projects that can show they have local support might be able to attract additional funding of up to £5,000 from Tyneside Crowd partners.

Whether this is your first time creating a project, you're a seasoned community organiser, you're from a local business who wants to get involved or you simply want to play a part in improving your place, this event will tell you everything you need to know to get involved.

Learn more about Tyneside Crowd here

23rd May - Thropton Terrace & West Jesmond Events

Thropton Terrace Allotment Association would like to invite you all to their Annual Friends and Family Plant Sale.
The event will be held Sunday 27th May 10.00 till 14.00 all undercover so whatever the weather you will be dry.

West Jesmond Allotment Association is holding its annual Open Day and Plant Sale on Saturday 26th May  from 11am to 2pm.

Alongside the Plant Sale, homemade cakes, preserves & chutneys will also be available to buy.

The site can be accessed from Forsyth Road, Highbury or Cemetery Road by the Lodge and all are welcome

5th April - Deep Adaptation, Last Ditch Attempt & Restore The Soil Events

Deep Adaptation is an art exhibition + programme of talks, screenings, workshops and events exploring how current social, political, civic and economic issues can be understood in relation to climate change and the environment, taking place at The NewBridge Project : Gateshead and other venues across Newcastle and Gateshead. Across the programme, we will be having an ongoing conversations with people, exploring different ideas, responses and possible actions. This will be community-led and non-hierarchical, building on people's experiences of living and working locally. The Springboard event at the end of the programme (Friday 18th May, 5.30 - 7.30pm) will attempt to move forward some of these ideas, working towards a statement of future intent for a more sustainable, resilient, community-led and flourishing region. It would be great to have you involved in the conversation.

Details of the full programme: https://thenewbridgeproject.com/events/deep-adaptation/

Last Ditch Attempt - a mobile seed library and starting point for a seed-sharing network, which looks at models of future resilience in growing and creating seed banks. It will be exhibited in the exhibition at the gallery in Gateshead, and they will be cycling the mobile seed library (a self built cargo trike!) to various locations in Newcastle and Gateshead, including LOT in Ouseburn. Here is some more information about the work and where they will be popping up!

 Guided Walk and Podcast Recital: Restore the Soil - According to the United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organization, we may have only 60 seasons of soil left. If we don’t care for the earth – literally, the earth we can feel between our fingers – then as a global society we will collapse, and our species will die out before our grandchildren reach old age. This podcast looks at what we can do locally as well as globally, and what better ways of living we can practice if we want to restore the soil on which we depend for our food.

13th March - Greening Wingrove Update


We’ve got a bundle of Greening Wingrove activities coming up that you might find of interest now that the snow has gone.  These include vertical veg growing, litter picks, orchard tree pruning, an environmental exhibition, and a day session on bird life and ecology in Nuns Moor Park.

So, hang on to the back of your jumpers and here we go ……


Kerryanne has sent out the following message about the restarting of the vertical veg growing scheme which is, of course, open to everyone who might be interested –

“Hiya Vertical Veggies,

A meeting time has been set for planning Vertical Veg activities for the coming season.

We shall meet on Thursday 15th March 6:30-8pm at 

CHAT, 250 Philip Street, Arthur’s Hill.

Now we don't have the funding coming from the Lottery project, activities are really going to depend on us as a community. If you would like to be involved in any of the following activities please come along so we can start making plans about how to make sure Vertical Veg continues in 2018!

1. Get Growing Launch Event 

Mr Vertical Veg will deliver seed sowing sessions and seed swaps to encourage local people in the West End to grow their own food in containers. Breaking down the barriers for people new to growing by providing them with the seeds, pots and compost as well as the skills needed to get growing.

2.    Vertical Veg Buddy scheme

Buddies can fulfill up to 3 roles

(a) Grow plants for the project - we supply compost and seeds

(b) Act as mentors for beginners

(c) Run Street Meet events with Mr Vertical Veg as a mentor


Many thanks




Katrina has arranged the next monthly litter pick for Arthur’s Hill, but she also has details of other litter picks (such as the Monday morning litter picks in Nuns Moor Park at 10.00 am) if anyone would like to contact her –


Our next monthly litter pick is Saturday March 17th meeting at the bottom of Gainsborough grove at 11am to litter pick there and then Sidney Grove.

We’re meeting at the Time Exchange in Stanton Street to pick up equipment at 10.45 am, but if you have your own please bring it along.   I will also be bringing equipment to Gainsborough,  so only come to Time Exchange if you are closer to it.

All welcome children must be accompanied by an adult.

katrina jordison

community organiser

Greening Wingrove Chic

Facebook: Katrina Litter or Greening Wingrove Action on Litter”


There is likely to be a tree pruning session in the Community Orchard at Nuns Moor Park, organised through the Friends of the Park and the Time Exchange, on Saturday 24 March.  More details will be circulated when these are finalised.


Keith Bowey, who is well a well known expert on NorthEast bird life and ecology, will be leading a WEA session in Nuns Moor Park on Saturday 7 April 2018, 10.00 am – 3.00 pm.  Initial details are attached, but numbers are limited due to the space available at the Pavilion in the Bike Garden, so early booking is recommended.


The Environment Agency and its partners, Newcastle Learning and Action Alliance and Naturvation, will be holding a market stall event at the Great North Museum: Hancock to showcase environmental projects, and initiatives to improve the environment in the North East, on Wednesday 14 March from 1.30 pm to 4.00 pm.  The market place will be in the Exhibition Hall on the 1st Floor and entrance is free.

A list of the organisations displaying their work and interests is attached, and includes Greening Wingrove.  Do come along.adn if anyone would like to help on our stall, you’d be very welcome.

Best wishes.



Greening Wingrove CIC