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6th May - Trading hut, Plant Scheme & The Plot Inspectors Cometh

Trading Hut/Shop

Due to the high demand for compost and fertilises, we were lucky that our Scottish wholesaler did not recognise our Easter Monday as a holiday and he was able to get another immediate delivery to us the following day i.e. 23rd April.  Already, this stock too is diminishing but we took advantage of the delivery to buy in some extra large Levingtons tomato grow bags, which you have started asking for. They are a few pence more expensive than last year but still offer good quality and value at £4.50 per grow bag.

Compost is available for all uses from organic peat free to multi-purpose to fine grain compost containing silver sand, ideal for seeds.  We also have ericaceous compost suitable for all lime-hating plants including azaleas, hydrangeas, heathers, blueberries and bilberries.

There is still time to plant your seed potatoes and we have stock of most varieties on our sales sheet, still at £2 for a 2 Kilo net, across earlies to main crop.  We can split down to 1kg for customers if required.

See our sales sheet on the website for current prices.

Moorside Plant Scheme

The Plant Scheme team have a wealth of brassicas, broad beans and early peas all ready for purchase and planting either on your plot or in your garden at home . There is a lot more to come but with the cold weather as it is, the frost tender plants are being taken care of in a warm environment at the moment and purchases would need to be protected with fleece until the cold spell has passed.  Nevertheless, the selection is as wide as always with some unusual varieties across vegetables and flowers, so come and browse the selection.

For further updates on what is ready, WATCH THIS SPACE!

Plant Scheme Opening Hours: 10am to 12 noon  on Saturdays and Sundays, coinciding with the Moorside Shop opening times.

Monthly site inspections

2nd April saw our first 2019 site inspection immediately prior to our regular Committee meeting. The inspection team were pleased to see how much progress had been made on the majority of gardens, particularly those of our newcomers.  Well done! 

Our next inspection will take place on 7th May when it is hoped even more seasonal progress will be on view.  May is a crucial month in our gardening calendar, so don’t get behind – after that it is difficult to catch up. Although our early May Bank Holiday weather is not very encouraging, even a couple of hours on a good day or evening can make all the difference and the lighter nights have seen many of you coming down after work to get some fresh air and make a difference to your plots. Keep up the good work.

(Posted 6th May 19)

28th April - Greening Wingrove News

Greening Wingrove are recruiting - for more information head over to the local events page

(Posted 28th April 19)

18th April - Plant Scheme Open For Business, & Moorside Community Plot Social This Weekend

We have followed the weather forecast carefully and have decided to open the Plant Scheme for the season from Saturday 20th April.  We will open each Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 12 noon. Please be aware that tender plants must be kept in an indoor area or greenhouse until the danger of frost has passed, usually the end of May.  Hardy plants for immediate planting include broad beans, sweet peas and edible peas and some brassicas. A full range of plants including the ever popular courgettes, cucumbers, squashes and many many more as well as flowers will become available. Even if you have no greenhouse, do come to see us and the many varieties ready and forthcoming during the next few weeks.

This (Easter) Bank Holiday Monday the Community Plot will be hosting the first ever social drop-in from 10am-1pm. Pop in and have a chat about the future of your community plot

easter event

(Posted 18th April 19)

1st April - 2019 Moorside Show

Moorside Show: Saturday 7th September

Posted by Moorside Allotments Association on Monday, 1 April 2019

(Posted 1st April 19)

23rd March - Water & Toilets

As spring has arrived, the allotment water supply has been turned back on. Plotholders are reminded that taps should be switched off and hosepipes disconnected before you leave you plot; and under no circumstances should they be left running

With the restoration of the water supply; the toilets are now open for all your ablution needs

19th March 2019 - Trading Hut News & Artists of Ouseburn Valley

Moorside plotholder Pete Flynn is involved and exhibiting at the Artists of Ouseburn Valley art event over the weekend of 23-24th March. For more information visit the Local Events page

The trading hut has taken a fresh delivery of stocl in time for the start of the growing season, and a revised price list is available on the trading hut pages

(Posted 19th March 19)

11th March 2019 - Community Plot, Gardeners World, Donald James White & Local Police Contacts

 Moorside Allotments Community Plot

Those of you who attended the AGM at the end of January 2019 will have heard the presentations on behalf of a small group of plotholders who were interested in setting up, maintaining and managing a community plot on a cleared site on the middle lane.  The project was to provide a communal space for the social benefit of Moorside Allotment Association gardeners, family and friends, to enjoy events organised by the group throughout the year.  The site would be cultivated in line with our accepted Cultivation Standards.

The AGM decided that the proposal to create a community plot on the middle lane should be considered in detail and voted upon separately by the members.  There have been a number of reasons why your Committee has not yet come back to the members on the proposal, as follows:

  • It is difficult to give the members enough detail on the proposal without a trial period and allowing the group time to scope out the project.
  • There is a cost in holding another general  meeting to deal with this issue
  • There is a possibility that the plot may not be a success even if approved.

Therefore your Committee has asked the group interested in the project to continue clearing the plot and to operate it for a trial period of a year.  This will then enable us to come to next year’s AGM with a detailed proposal, following the 2019 social and revenue-earning activity on the site. At that point, members will be in a position to consider supporting the proposal in the light of the evidence that the project could be workable.

In the meantime, the community plot group would like to send email updates to Moorside Allotment Association members regarding progress and advance notice of events.  If you would prefer not to be contacted in this way, please let us know.

Susan Pownall

Chairman, on behalf of the Committee

11th March 2019.

 Gardeners’ World - Opportunity For Moorsiders

Through the Newcastle Allotments Working Group, allotments across the city have received an invitation from Ruth Davies, the Producer/Director of BBC 2’s Gardeners’ World who is looking for stories she can feature in the new series.

Says Ruth ‘We will be making several films about allotments this year, with our presenter Frances Tophill.  She will be visiting inspirational, unusual and challenging allotments around the country to gather ideas and advice for her own allotment in Kent.

I am also looking particularly any allotment holders who might be good for us to speak to.  We are looking for people who have buckets of experience and/or enthusiasm.  For example, perhaps they have an allotment specialism – like growing particular types of fruit or vegetables.  Or a passion for making their allotment wildlife-friendly, alongside growing great produce.  Perhaps they have won an award – or just been working for a very long time on the same plot!

I’d be really grateful for your input and suggestions.  Thank you so much in advance for your time and help.  If you need any other information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.’

Here on Moorside, we have some prizewinning gardens and longstanding top notch gardeners, so if any of you feel you would like your garden featured on Gardeners’ World, let the Committee know and we will forward your details to Ruth for consideration.

Susan Pownall

Chairman, on behalf of the Committee.

11th March 2019.

 Forthcoming Artwork Sale Of The Late Moorside Plotholder, Donald James White.

It was with sadness that we forwarded the news last year of the unexpected death of one of our plotholders, who we knew on site as James White, though known to his many local friends as Donald. In addition, few of us were aware that he was a talented and prolific artist, especially in his native Scotland, with close links to the Glasgow School of Art.

We have now learned that a sale of Donald’s work is due to take place at the premises of Thomas V Miller Auctioneers, Algernon Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 2UN on 2nd April 2019 at 10 am.  Viewing is on 31st March and 1st April 2019.

Several of us had expressed an interest in Donald’s work and for more information, there is a link to the auction at https://www.millersauctioneers.co.uk/auctions/  An online catalogue should be available soon.  We understand that if registered in advance, online bidding is available either live or by placing a bid beforehand with the auctioneer.

 Update On Local Police Contacts

Thank you to those of you who followed our advice and contacted the local Police after the spate of burglaries last month.  Our local Neighbourhood Police contact Stacey Reilly 2457 has now been switched to another patch but her Fenham beat successor has introduced himself as the new person to deal with.

PC Daniel Jackson 3007 has taken over as our Constable Neighbourhood Beat Manager working out of the Central Office on Westgate Road.   Dan has advised me that the preferred method of reporting crimes on our site is for each individual plotholder to do so via the Northumbria Police website and report the incident online, at the same time giving all the details listed below.

-         Go to Northumbria Police website www.northumbria.police.uk | www.northumbria-pcc.gov.uk

-         You will need to give your name, DOB. Home address, telephone number, Moorside Plot Number, items taken/damaged and how entry has been gained.

I realise it might seem a bit laborious but I now understand this is the Police preferred option as they do not have time to take all the details over the phone or via individual emails.  In the meantime, I am in touch with PC Dan Jackson and hope to show him round the site shortly so that he is familiar with Moorside.  Naturally, let me or another Committee member know if your plot has been subjected to intruders, so we can log the incident as well.

 Susan Pownall

Chairman, on behalf of the Committee

11th March 2019.

(Posted 11th March 19)

22nd February - Break-Ins

Unfortunately there appear to have been some break-ins at Moorside on the night of the 20th February. If anyone has been affected please contact PC Stacey Reilly, 2457@northumbria.pnn.police.uk

The following plots may have been affcted:
East Lane.
Plot 28. Shed doors left open but plotholders still to be asked if anything has been disturbed or missing.

Middle Lane
Plot 36
Plot 47 Shed open but as it does not close properly it is impossible to say whether it has been entered.
Plot 48 Gate had been opened.
Plot 51.. Two sheds open. Sieve missing but retrieved from Plot 50.
Plot 53. The gate was open but nothing seems to have been taken.
Pot 54.. Shed door open but nothing taken.
Plot 56. Shed door open.
Plot 59.. Shed door opened and spade left outside, which has now been put back inside the shed.
Plot 59. Shed open. Now closed and gate secured.
Plot 60a/b. Shed open but gate still secured with a spade handle, so this may be a red herring!

West lane
Most gardens at the top of this lane had the gates left open, indicating that the villains had been in to each one.
Plot 86. The doors on both sheds were opened but nothing seems to be missing.
Plot 87. Shed door open and items strewn all over the garden.
Plot 92. Gate and shed door open.
Plot 89A. Shed door open. Some tools and a bucket are missing.
Plot 93. Gate open but the locked shed had been left undisturbed.
Plot 95. Shed door open.
Plot 96. Shed door open.
Plot 97. Shed door open. (This plot has two bee hives as well). A plastic can of paraffin (the can was marked Moorside Allotments, so has been bought from the shop) was also found abandoned near Hameed’s garden. It is now in the shop awaiting its owner.

27th January - The Potato Has Landed

The 2019 growing season kicks off with the arrival of the supply of seed potatoes, more information, including varieties and prices are available on the Trading Hut page

Meanwhile, a backlog of Committee minutes has been updated for June to December 18 on the Committee Page

15th January - Break-ins

Unfortunately there have been several break-ins of sheds and plots, probably on Sunday evening though not necessarily. Please check your plots and advise the police if you have suffered damage or theft. As before, please contact them on 2457@northumbria.pnn.police.uk. The community police contact is PC Stacey Reilly

8th January - Moorside Annual General Meeting


AGM Pic 1

   AGM 2019  

 7.30 pm Wednesday 30th January 2019

St James’ and St Basil’s Church Hall

(Entrance on Ravenside Road)

 All Welcome

 Nominations for the committee 2019:

forms available from the Moorside shop.

AGM Pic 2


1st January - Seed Potatoes & Trading Hut Supplies, Final T&M Seed Catalogue Orders, And New Police Contact

As the New Year arrives, the Trading Hut is getting set up for the start of the 2019 growing season: The order of seed potatoes is expected mid-month, and advance orders can be placed at the Trading Hut at weekends. More information on prices and varieties on the Trading Hut page. In the meantime, winter staples such as bird seed and paraffin are available to help nurse your plants and wildlife few the next few months

The deadline for orders from the Thompson & Morgan seed catalogue has been extended to mid-January - catalogues are available from the notice board opposite the Trading Hut, and Moorside members are able to order seeds at a 50% discount (orders must be put in via the trading hut along with payments). This is a creat opportunity to order seeds at a great discount, and more information can be found atached to the catalogues

Finally, We have a new local neighbourhood Police officer for the site.  She is PC2457 Stacey Reilly and she has ownership of the area round about us.   She is an experienced neighbourhood officer and will be part of the team who have oversight for crime prevention on Moorside. Her email address is 2457@northumbrla.pnn.police.uk  Anyone whosuffers any crime issues can get in touch with Stacey directly and report damage/thefts etc

5th December - Comfrey Project Christmas Event

Moorside plotholder group The Comfrey Project are holding a Christmas event on the 19th December - more information can be found on the Local Events page

25th November - Trading Hut Rota

A new rota is now available over on the Trading Hut page - new volunteers are always welcome

22nd November - Family Christmas Crafts At Exhibition Park
exp aprk craft 18
9th November - Notices From the Chairman & Moorside Turns Scrap Into Charity

Moorside volunteers have donated £50 to Cancer UK from the sale of scrap metal found during the clearance of our proposed Community Plot.

 Pictured: Eddie Gilchrist and Fareed Yousefi.

2018 cancer don

Notices from the Chairman

Moorside First Fire Friday:

A big thank you to our ‘Bonfire Night Team’ who put on such a splendidly well-organised and enjoyable evening on 2nd November. An added bonus was a mild, dry and breeze-free night! From the enormous bonfire to the delicious barbecue, coupled with superb lighting and security systems, it went off superbly. Everyone who attended was most complimentary and the event attracted a lot of local residents as well as a good many of our Moorside gardeners. And even better, from the sale of refreshments and Moorside jam during the course of the evening, the net proceeds have been added to Association funds. Well done, everyone!

Recent Break-Ins on Moorside

Over the last month or so, we have once more experienced an ongoing series of break-ins and thefts of equipment from sheds, dating from mid October onwards.  The Police have been informed of individual incidents and a list of items stolen, where known. However, they have emphasised that each plotholder should inform them separately so that the information can be added to the Police incident log.  In this instance, the officers involved have been PC 3039 Helen Swanson, our community liaison police person and PC Andrew Cox who is stationed at Etal Lane.  To report any incidents on your plot, please make it a priority to telephone 101 and inform the authorities of the disturbance and any items missing. We have an incident/Log number – 285 of 18/10/18.The Police would welcome any information to help catch the culprits.

Susan Pownall, Chairman.

21st October - Thompson & Morgan Seed Catalogue, And Trading Hut Up To Their Necks In The Brown Stuff!

The Thompson & Morgan Seed and Plant Catalogue 2019 is in the shop for anyone wanting to take advantage of their Allotment Society prices.  Purchasers receive 50% discount off seeds and 20% off non-seed items. Just collect an order form, complete it and drop it back in the shop with the payment before 30th November 2018.  Any queries, contact Susan Pownall, Shop Manager.  

A well-rotted, steaming supply of cow manure has been delivered to our manure area this week, so join the line of wheelbarrows at the gate from Saturday!  Only £1 a barrow

9th October - Trading Hut Update & First Fire Friday

The trading Hut have received a fresh supply of gardening essentials to keep you going through the winter - for more information and prices, head over to the Trading Hut pages

Meanwhile, with Bonfire season approaching, Moorside would like to invite plotholders and friends to a small event being held on Friday 2nd November at 6pm

Wrap up warm and see you in November

21st September - Foxy Goings On

On the back of hedgehogs being spotted on Moorside last week, further night time monitoring has revealed at least one young fox is treating Moorside as his (or her) patch. Thanks to Tony for the sighting

IMG 0029

IMG 0025



13th September - Ringo Gebbie

Many of you will have heard already the sad news that Moorside gardener,  fellow Committee member and also one of our shop volunteers, Ringo Gebbie has died tragically in a snorkelling accident whilst on holiday on the island of Rhodes.

His wife Angie and family have now let us know that his funeral is taking place at 2 pm on Tuesday, 18th September at the West Road Crematorium, followed by a burial; and afterwards at the Benwell Cricket Club across the road from the Crematorium. They look forward to Ringo’s many friends and colleagues joining them in memory and celebration of his life.

12th September - Moorside Hedgehogs & Greening Wingrove

Despite some worries about the overall fate of the hedgehog across the country, some night time video filmed by Tony Whittle has confirmed that there are definitely hedgehogs active on Moorside.


Hedgehogs are great friends of the allotment gardener as they love to eat slugs and snails - we can all do our bit to help them by avoiding the use of slug and snail pellets (as the pests eat them, then the hedgehogs eat the pests), and providing small areas of habitat that will benefit the hedgehogs (such as access to water, shelter etc), as well as not building allotment bonfires days in advance as hedgehogs may think this is a shelter and hide inside them. More information on what you can do can to help the hedgehog be found by clicking here

In the wider community, an update on Greening Wingrove can be found on the Local Events page

6th September - Moorside Shop Closure

The Moorside Shop, normally open between 10 am and noon each Saturday and Sunday, will be closed completely over the weekend of 8th and 9th September as the Association is holding our Annual Show and Produce Competition on Saturday 8th September and the shop area is being used for show administration.   However, we will resume normal service on Saturday 15th September, when we look forward to welcoming customers old and new.

Thank you

Susan Pownall. Moorside Shop Manager.

30th August - Show Entry Brochures

Your entry brochure is now on the gate to your allotment. If it is missing, spares are in the notice board at the main gate opposite the trading hut. Further spares will be available at the trading hut this weekend, 1st and 2nd of September

 29th August - Moorside & City Shows

With both the Moorside & City Shows fast approaching, the organisers are looking for your support and help

 wanted 1

 wanted 2

The city show is also looking for donations of fruit & veg for their Fruit & veg stall (why not get rid of that courgette glut?)

Please donate any surplus fruit and vegetables which we can sell for the benefit of city allotment funds at the city allotments show next weekend. Any produce not sold will be donated to local foodbanks, crisis, people’s kitchen  etc.

Donated produce will be collected from the box outside the Moorside shop on Saturday morning and is much appreciated

24th August - Moorside Show

The Moorside Show is now just 2 weeks away, and the the Show Brochure is now available to download.

Entry cards for the show must be handed in by 2pm on Friday 7th September.

Moorside show 2018 
23rd August - City Show

Budding gardeners and green-fingered enthusiasts are invited to show off their gardening skills once again at the annual Newcastle Allotment and Garden Fete, organised by Newcastle City Council in partnership with the city’s Allotments Working Group (NAWG) . There is a small charge of £3 per exhibitor and for this you can enter as many classes as you wish, children’s classes are free. Prize money will be awarded to the best exhibits on the day, so please feel free to enter prior to staging on Saturday 1st September (see attached schedule).

A fun filled weekend for family & friends, starting on Saturday 1st September through to Sunday 2nd September 11am – 5pm , Including, live music, funfair rides, inflatable football, Active Newcastle, children’s crafts, Kirkley Hall Zoo, climbing wall, face painting , smoothie bike, raffles, stalls selling a wide range of flowers, produce and preserves, advice on bee keeping and organic gardening and much more, all taking place within the beautiful setting of Leazes Park, Newcastle’s oldest park, close to the city centre.

Keith Rogerson, chairman of the AWG, said: “There will be a full range of flower, vegetable and fruit classes, including the popular and prestigious 2 Pot Leeks Challenge Cup, plus produce classes for jams, chutneys and wine.”

The public show starts at 11am on Sunday , when the main marquee will be officially opened by the Lord Mayor of Newcastle (Cllr David Down) and finishes at 5pm. All entrants must stage their exhibits on Saturday 1st September between 10am - 4.30pm, ready for public viewing on the Sunday.

More information, including the brochure, can be found on the city show page

1st August - Hosepipes & Sprinklers

We know that the ongoing dry weather this summer has been less than beneficial for our valued crops and we have needed to use hosepipes and sprinklers, sometimes on a daily basis to keep our plants alive.

However, there have been several instances where plotholders have persistently turned on their hoses or sprinklers for hours on end and have also left the site with the water still running, even after being advised that the practice is out of order.

Sorry, folks – this is totally unacceptable!  Not only is it running up an enormous water bill which we all share equally as part of our rent but also the pressure is much reduced for those ‘normal’ users who are unable to access even watering cans without problems with low pressure.

Please ensure, therefore, that all hosepipes and sprinklers are turned off before you leave the site and devices are also disconnected from the tap.

Thank you.

Susan Pownall


30th July - James White

It is with great sadness that we have heard of the unexpected death of one of our gardeners, Mr James White.  James had only been gardening on Moorside for a couple of years but he quickly became one of our Moorside ‘characters’.

Because of ill-health, he had decided to give up his plot at the end of the summer, so it is doubly sad that he was not able to enjoy the fruits of his labours this season.

James, with his soft Scottish accent, was a talented and prolific artist and was well-recognised in his native Scotland. He lived quietly in Curtis Road, Fenham, where he is remembered with great affection by his friends and neighbours. Here on Moorside too, his presence will be missed, particularly for his eccentricity and his individualistic approach to his garden.

Susan Pownall


30th July 2018.


James's funeral is being held at the West Road Crematorium at 1.15 pm on Friday, 17th August; and afterwards at the Cricket Club opposite the crematorium.

23rd July - City Show & City Allotment Competition Winners

Following on from yesterdays Allotment winners, the city allotment competition results are now available here

In City Show news - the schedule, programme and more details are available over on the City show page

22nd July -  Moorside Competition Winners

Our annual in-house competition, which comes with an award for the winner in each category, is judged with the help of an external and impartial gardening/allotment expert. The winners are presented with their awards at our Moorside Annual Show which this year is being held on 8th September onsite.  You can read more details about the Show as they come through by clicking on the relevant link on our website or looking at the Show Notice Board to the left of the main gate.

The winners in each of our competition categories also go forward as nominees in thehighly competitive City Allotments Competition, competing against gardeners from 67 sites across the city.


  • Best Half Plot                                                    Andrew Moat, Plot 80B
  • Best Full Plot with Glass                               Stan and Audrey Tortoise, Plot 3.
  • Best Full Plot without Glass                        Nick and Gina Coster, Plot 103.
  • Best Newcomer                                               Patti  Haes  and Maria Irving.   Plot 48.
  • Most Wildlife Friendly Garden                 Frank Lightfoot. Plot 65a. 66. 73a.
  • Most Bee-Friendly Garden                         David Vincent. Plot 9. (not a City Competition category).
  • Best Organic Plot                                             Ann Gibson and Lat Allman.Plot 99.

Well done, everyone and thank you for showing the rest of us how it’s done! 

Susan Pownall


18th July - Tweed Street Open Day

Tweed Street Allotment Association are holding their annual open day on the 18th August - for more information head over to the Local Events page

14th July - Trading Hut News, Moorside Jam In The Community, & Newcastle Allotment & Garden Fete

Beverley Sawyer and her Jam Mafia team represented Moorside at the Festival of Diversity in Nunsmoor Park on 7th July with their homemade jam stall.  All the jam was made with produce donated by Moorside Allotmenteers and Beverley made over £113 on the day.  All funds will go into the Moorside Allotments Association funds.

In Trading Hut news - An updated trading hut price list is now available here and more manure is on order, however owing to the supplier being busy with day-job farming matters, it's not likely to arrive till October

Budding gardeners and green-fingered enthusiasts are invited to show off their gardening skills once again at the annual Newcastle Allotment and Garden Fete, organised by Newcastle City Council in partnership with the city’s Allotments Working Group (NAWG) . There is a small charge of £3 per exhibitor and for this you can enter as many classes as you wish, children’s classes are free. Prize money will be awarded to the best exhibits on the day, so please feel free to enter prior to staging on Saturday 1st September (see attached schedule).

A fun filled weekend for family & friends, starting on Saturday 1st September through to Sunday 2nd September 11am – 5pm , Including, live music, funfair rides, inflatable football, Active Newcastle, children’s crafts, Kirkley Hall Zoo, climbing wall, face painting , smoothie bike, raffles, stalls selling a wide range of flowers, produce and preserves, advice on bee keeping and organic gardening and much more, all taking place within the beautiful setting of Leazes Park, Newcastle’s oldest park, close to the city centre.

The public show starts at 11am on Sunday , when the main marquee will be officially opened by the Lord Mayor of Newcastle (Cllr David Down) and finishes at 5pm. All entrants must stage their exhibits on Saturday 1st September between 10am - 4.30pm, ready for public viewing on the Sunday.

For more details, contact Newcastle Allotments Officer, Mark Todd, on 0191 278 7878 or visit Newcastle City Councils webpage for more information.



9th July - Parks Trust - Information Sharing Sessions

Newcastle Parks Trust are holding a series of information Sharing Sessions in July to provide updates on changes to the way the city's parks and allotments are managed. More information can be found here

22nd June - Trading Hut News & Moorside Allotment Competition

The Trading Hut shortage of 8ft canes is finally over and you can now stock back up on extra-long canes. There are also a few remaining seed potatoes available - more information is on the Trading Hut page


How quickly a year goes!  Once more it is time to spruce up our gardens big-time, trim hedges and overhanging briars, tidy up your outside borders and keep those weeds under control.

Why?  Those coveted prize garden categories are being scrutinized by our Moorside inspection team during the last few days of June, so if you want a chance to be Best Newcomer, Best Organic Gardener, the Owner of the Most Improved Plot – amongst the many other prestigious categories – now’s your chance.

If you’re looking for inspiration, glance at the notice boards to see who won last year and take a look over the garden fence!

What’s more, during the week beginning 11th July, the City Council representatives will also be inspecting our allotments with a view to seeking out the best in the City in their prize winning categories, so there is much more to play for!

Besides competitions, every plotholder on Moorside has an obligation to keep your gardens cultivated and well-cared for.  With a waiting list of around 34 potential gardeners, it’s a question of USE IT OR LOSE IT, so make that your incentive to love and nurture your garden.

Susan Pownall

Chairman, Moorside Allotments Association.

21st June 2018.

21st June - Final 2 Weeks Of the 2018 Plant Scheme
15th June - Plant Scheme,  Parks Trust News & Comfrey Project News

The Plant Scheme will be closed on Saturday 16th June and open as usual on Sunday 17th June from 10am to 12 noon.Good quality cabbage, Brussels sprouts and broccoli are still available as well as new stock of runner and french beans

The New parks Trust (which will cover allotments) Terms of Reference has been published and can be read here

The Comfrey Project are hosting an event next week to celebrate both Refugee Week and Gateshead Volunteering Month.More information can be found on the Local Events page

12th June - Allotment Working Group Forum, May Minutes, Trading Hut & Crowdfunding Launch

The Newcastle Allotment Working Group forum will take place on Tuesday 19th  June in the Collingwood Suite at the Civic Centre 7.00 pm- 8.30 pm (please see attached), with area rep voting taking place at 6.30pm. The forum gives all allotment holders across the city the chance to get together, share information about gardening, plant varieties, and on site projects, along with sharing advice and tips.  At 7.10pm, Newcastle City Council Officers, Tony Durcan, Farah Hussain, Narindar Bhabra and Gerardine Fagan (Project Team) will be in attendance to provide an update on the latest position with the set-up of the Charitable Trust and to respond to any questions and concerns you may have as allotment holders. They will also share and ask for comments on the latest ideas for the Community Representation Group which the Trust will be required to set up. Free parking at the rear of the Civic Centre.

The May Committee Minutes are available to read via the committee page

And a revised Trading Hut price list is now available - in addition there are s a few bags of chitted seed potatoes available at a discount price

Finally, a new local Crowdfunding platform is launching in Tyneside - more information can be found on the Local Events page

4th June - Plant Scheme Open Evening
Each year we have one or two evenings for those who find it difficult to come at the weekend, or just would like to pop in after work. We will be open on Thursday 7th June from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm.
There are a few left of the plants shown below but we are also still producing Runner Beans, French Beans, maincrop Peas and Mangetout Peas (including a rather nice one as shown on Gardener's World). Stocks are limited.
We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, but we will still be here on Saturday and Sunday between 10 am and noon as usual.


Sweet Green and Crimson

Broccoli Extra  Early Rudolph

Purple sprouting goes into spring

Broccoli Green Calabrese

Large head

Brokali Apollo

Tenderstem Broccoli

Cabbage Golden Acre


Cabbage Greyhound

The pointy one

Cabbage Kalibos

Red and pointy

Cabbage Kilaxy

Club root resistant, ball head

Cabbage Lodero


Cabbage Savoy King

Winter harvest, round head


Various varieties

Courgette Tuscany

Green skinned

Cucumber Burpless Tasty Green

Ridge for outdoors and indoors

Cucumber Lemon

The small round one, yellow skinned

Flower Sprout

Cross between sprout and kale, open “buttons”

French Beans


French Marigolds


Gherkin Partner


Marrow Badger Cross


Pumpkin Invincible

The modern Crown Prince

Pumpkin Spellbound

Large orange fruit

Sprout Clodius

Resistance to powdery mildew

Sprout Green Marble


Sprout Ruby Crunch


Squash Festival

Small, grapefruit size fruits

Squash, summer

Patty pan type

Tomato Ailsa Craig

Red, round fruits. cordon

Tomato Smadar


Tomato Yellow Perfection



Leaves for salads, sandwiches"


3rd June - Moorside Show

The Moorside Show will be held on 8th of September 2018, and the show page has been updated

More news coming soon (including show brochure and entry forms) - in the meantime - please save the date

 show 2018 save the date


23rd May - Local Events News

Head over to the Local Events page for information on the up and coming West Jesmond Allotment Association Open day & Plant sale, as well as the Thropton Terrace Plant Sale

19th April - The Plant Scheme Is Back

Welcome to the 2018 Plant Scheme.

Our opening day will be Saturday 21st April.

The first hardy plants ready to plant out are broad beans, early peas (edible) and sweet peas (ornamental).  Why don’t you come to see us and all of the other seedlings we are getting ready for you when the weather should have settled?  Although we are having some lovely days there could be some sharp frosts ahead so we have to take the possibility into account.

We are growing the usual range which includes brassicas of all kinds, tomatoes, chillies, courgettes and squashes. And the rest!

We are looking forward to the 2018 season and hope to see you soon.

Sue, for the Plant Scheme

03 07 15 Plant scheme greenhouse


16th April - Break-ins at Moorside

It appears that there have been a number of break-ins overnight (Sunday 15th / Monday 16th).  If you notice anything missing or damaged, please let Susan Pownall or a committee member know

9th April - Trading Hut Price List

With spring finally getting moving, the Moorside Trading Hut has everything to satisfy your growing needs, and with that in mind, an updated price list is available on the Trading Hut pages

5th April - Local Event News

"Deep Adaptation", "Last Ditch Attempt" & "Restore The Soil" Events are taking place in and around the area - more invormation can be found over on the local events page

2nd April - Water, Bonfires, & Other Spring News

As Spring (allegedly) gets going, we have now reached the end of bonfire season; and no bonfires are permitted on plots until November. Conversely the water supply is now back on, which also means the toilets are open again for those alternative calls of nature.

In other news, the February Committee minutes are now available over on the committee page

27th March - Easter Skip

As is traditional, Moorside marks Easter by obtaining a skip for use by plotholders which will be delivered on Thursday 29th March. Please empty compost bags and sacks of rubbish into the skip (this allows the contents to settle and maximises space in the skip).

bricks weeds
stones wood
plastic  metal
glass tyres

Weeds and wood can be burnt until 31 march

Scrap metal should be placed by the old trading hut for collection by the scrap merchant

13th March - Charitable Parks trust & Greening Wingrove Updates

Newcastle City Council have a live Q and A with Cllr Kim McGuiness is coming up on Friday 23 March and we want to know what questions you have on the Charitable Parks Trust. Follow the link below to add your questions: https://youtu.be/OEWLhM18y5I

With Spring tentatively getting underway, Greening Wingrove are planning their spring activities in the area. Read all about the plans on the Local Events page

8th March - HLF Funding Consultation, Trading Hut Rota & Committee Minutes

Heritage Lottery Fund are consulting on the future and direction of their funding efforts, more information can be found here, and a survey can be found here. In news closer to home, with the trading hut coming out of winter hours, a new rota is available on the trading hut page, and the January committee meeting minutes are now available via the committee page

23rd February - Trading Hut Out Of Hibernation!

The trading hut has now resumed normal opening hours (10am-midday Saturdays & Sundays) now the worst of the winter is behind us (with the exception of Saturday 24th Feb when it will be closing at 11.30am); and are more than happy to supply everything you need to make your plot bloom. A new price list is now available, and there's still time to get your seed potatoes and get them chitting in time for the traditional Easter planting

26th January, AGM, Newcastle Parks Trust, And Potatoes

Last nights AGM ratified the 2017 Minutes which can be found here.

Following the decision to create a Parks Trust, the Council are now recruiting the founding Board of Trustees - further information on the recruitment can be found here, and the role descriptions for the Chair & Trustees can be found by following the links

Finally (and most importantly), as we move slowly into the 2018 growing season, the shops supply of seed potatoes have arrived. More details can be found over on the Trading Hut pages - buy quickly to avoid disappointment!

17th January - Trading Hut Rota

The new rota for the trading hut is now available via the Trading Hut pages

9th January - Committee Minutes

The minutes from the November & December Moorside Committee meetings are now available via the Committee page

3rd January - Further Break-Ins

Unfortunately the local neighbourhood vandals have failed to turn over a new leaf, and have been back in action at Moorside. Could all plotholder please check their plots and contact Susan Pownall via the facebook group, the trading hut or the usual e-mail routes if anything is missing

***Update - 4th January***

Further issues have been identified today, withmore sheds and gates open and equipment scattered around – this time the intruders appear to have targeted the East Lane.  This constitutes four break-ins in as many nights, and the police will now be actively patrolling including inside the site. Once again, if anyone has lost anything, we are collecting all the equipment found thrown in gardens, hedges and on the paths and storing the stuff in the shop for inspection.

Plotholders are reminded not to store anything of value on their plots, and are requested to check their plots ASAP to see if anything is missing or has been disturbed

1st January - Moorside 2018 Annual General Meeting


AGM Pic 1

   AGM 2018  

 7.30 pm Thursday the 25th January 2018

St James’ and St Basil’s Church Hall

(Entrance Ravenside Road)

 All Welcome

                Nominations for the committee 2018:

forms available from the Moorside shop.

AGM Pic 2
18th December - Break-ins Update

Some good news following the break-ins last weekend: One of our plotholders has found a stash of tools hidden in a hedge.  The tools are now in the Trading Hut, so if anyone affected wants to go down and see if their possessions have been recovered, they are welcome to do so during normal Trading Hut opening hours (11am-midday every Saturday & Sunday)

10th December - Break-ins At Moorside

There has been an unfortunate spate of break-ins this week, with some plotholders reporting equipment missing or simply thrown about. If anyone has been affected by this, could they please contact Susan Pownall via the facebook group, the trading hut or the usual e-mail routes

7th December - MyHarvest Allotment Diarists Wanted
MyHarvest are looking for volunteers to complete an allotment diary next year – making a short record of their activities each time they visit their plot.The information they are recording forms part of a project investigating the sustainability of allotment gardening. They are looking at the sorts of inputs people use, from fertilisers and pesticides, to the use of petrol tools. They are also identifying where recycling is taking place on allotment plots – for example when people reuse rainwater after collecting it in a water butt, or bring their kitchen food waste to compost on the plot. More information (including how to volunteer) can be found at https://myharvest.org.uk/2017/12/calling-all-growers/


27th November - Harry Carter 

It is with great sadness that I have to report the death of Harry Carter on 18th November. Harry, who retired from Moorside a couple of years ago due to increasingly poor health, had been a longstanding member of our Association over many years. A familiar figure on-site, he had served in various roles on Moorside, where one of his greatest achievements was the introduction and management of our Trading Hut.  Harry was also responsible at one time for plot lettings and it was from him that I proudly and enthusiastically received my own garden and a key to the gate 10 years ago!

Harry and his wife Ethnie were keen, successful and prize-winning gardeners of a large plot ‘on the front row’ of Moorside and following their ‘retirement’, we were pleased to welcome them on several occasions subsequently, including our annual show.

Harry’s funeral is taking place at 10.30 am on Wednesday, 6th December at the Crematorium on the West Road, when Ethnie and the family hope their many Moorside friends are able to attend.  They would also be very pleased if everyone would join them afterwards at the Cricket Club for refreshments.  The Club is directly across the road from the Crematorium and there is ample parking.

Susan Pownall


27th November 2017.


Harry’s widow Ethnie has asked me to pass on many thanks to all their friends from Moorside who went to Harry’s funeral on Wednesday.  She was so pleased to see so many of us there .  Her only regret was that she was unable to get to speak to everyone at the reception afterwards. As she so rightly remarked – time went by so quickly and it was not possible to get round the large gathering. She has asked me to convey her apologies if she missed you out.

Susan Pownall

8th December 2017.

19th November - Trading Hut Goes Into Hibernation

As of 2nd December, the Trading Hut will be going into semi-hibernation over the winter: Opening hours will be 11am to midday on Saturday & Sundays until mid-February. However it will still continue to stock all your winter gardening needs - paraffin, manure, birdseed, and more. Normal service will resume in mid-February coinciding with the delivery of the seed potatoes. In the meantime, the updated Trading Hut Rota and Revised Price List has been published. 

Please also be aware that the water is now off until the spring and the toilets are shut as well - so bring a bucket

10th November - Trading Hut & Water Supply

Trading Hut News: We took in a large delivery of cow manure on 10th November, which will continue to sell at £1 a  barrow, purchasable between 10 am and noon from the shop volunteers each Saturday and Sunday.  We have also bought a  trial quantity of 75 litre sacks of bulb/hanging basket compost.  Made by Levingtons, it apparently contains 6-months worth of nutrient.  It will retail at £7.50.  The shop is also re-stocked with multi-purpose and seed composts, landscape pegs, chicken pellets and Grow-Organic fertilizer.

In addition, we have pre-ordered our annual seed potato requirement for 2018.  We expect delivery in late January, early February and will have a good selection across First Earlies, Second Earlies and Maincrop.  Come to the shop before going anywhere else!  Our prices are very competitive and we’re trying a few new varieties this time, in addition to the usual favourites.

Water Supply Switch-Off: Although the weather has been particularly mild so far this season, we plan to turn the water off completely over the next few days.  Therefore, this weekend gives you an opportunity to fill up your water butts, if necessary; plastic cans and any other water gathering container you may wish to fill before the middle of the week commencing  13th November. The toilets will be similarly turned off and locked for the winter.

2nd November - Moorside Jam Mafia Want The Shirt Off Your Back
As the Christmas period approaches, our resident Moorside jam makers are gearing up for the fayres; and need your spare jam jars and any spare "jam-jar lid" suitable material - shirts, blouses etc. Any spare suitable material or jars can be dropped off at the trading hur during opening hours, or put in the plastic box on the table by the trading hut jam 



29th October - Bonfire Season Approaches

As the Bonfire season approaches (November to March only), Newcastle council have reiterated the rules around bonfires which can be found on the Useful Information page. Please also remember to check pre-built fires for hibernating wildlife such as hedgehogs before lighting

24th October - Free Compost / Soil Conditioner

Would you like some FREE soil conditioner (enriched with compost and/or manure)?

The wooden beds on the Age UK plot (next to the toilets on the lane nearest the church) need to be emptied before being refurbished, and we do not want to waste the contents.  Please take and use the soil from any of the four beds for your own use (but not from the tubs)

20th October - The Skipman Cometh

The traditional autumn skip has arrived on site (Central lane by the trading hut) for the disposal of rubbish. As usual, no metal (this can be put behind the trading hut), no soil, no weeds (burn them once bonfires are allowed next month) and no wood (ditto), and please empty all bags out as it helps get maximum use of the space

28th September - Moorside Show Photos

Pictures from the show are now available via the facebook page here (you don't need to be a facebook user to see them)

27th September - Trading Hut & Quay Timber Discount

A Revised Trading Hut rota is now available - volunteers always welcome!

We are pleased to have negotiated a 20% discount with Quay Timber on all hardware – anything from a screw to a saw!

In addition, Quay Timber is offering a 5% discount off timber, roofing materials, gravel boards and such like.

We have done this by setting up a Moorside Account and all you have to do is quote the account number when ordering.  For security reasons, you can access the Account Number at the Moorside Shop. Purchasers are responsible for payment directly to Quay Timber for all goods.  Delivery to Moorside is extra and is a flat charge.

  • Your contact at Quay Timber is Anthony.
  • Quay Timber Shop hours are 7.30 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Friday.
  • 8 am to 2 pm Saturday; 10 am to 2 pm Sunday.
  • Also open Bank Holidays.
  • Address: Quay Timber, Hume Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. NE6 1LN
  • Tel: 0191 224 0494.
  • Website address: www.quay-timber.co.uk

Susan Pownall - Moorside Shop Manager

25th September - Post Show Report

Hello all Moorsiders!

I hope those of you who were able to get to our annual Open Day and Show enjoyed the occasion, which once more proved most successful with a good crowd, despite the cool weather.  However, the rain held off and the sun actually appeared later, which was amazing.

The event can only happen with the dedication of the Show Group, who year after year, plan,  source desirable raffle prizes and orchestrate for months prior to the show to make sure it runs like clockwork on the day. In this regard, enormous thanks are due to Pat, our Show Secretary and her team.  Not forgotten in the Association’s grateful thanks are all the helpers who put up tents, dress the competition area, set up tables, stalls, fill the colourful planters, grow plants, bake cakes, make jam, polish trophies, provide the PA systems   – the list never ends!  And on the day, thanks too to the plotholders, who man the stalls and the Welcome table, run the raffle, entertain the children,  provide the delicious BBQ and refreshments as well as those of you who remain behind to help clear up after everyone has gone.  The competition entries were once again of top quality and beautifully displayed, perhaps due to the educational videos put together by two of the Show Group – Frank and Steven – which have gone viral on social media! 

Most of all, thank you to all the Moorsiders who came to support your Association on the day.  The Show is the one opportunity in the year when we are able to get together socially and from the feedback we have received, everyone had a really good time and left with some lovely souvenirs of the event purchased from our varied stalls.

On to the serious stuff!  The Show provides the platform to present our annual awards as well as prizes to those of you who come top in the produce competition on the day.  They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so our photographic gallery of prize-winners, snapped by resident photographer Tony, will see some familiar faces who are proving unbeatable year on year, as well as some new gardeners who promise to be serious contenders for the top spots in years to come.

We also had the opportunity to present trophies in our Moorside 2017 ‘Best Allotment’ categories judged earlier in the year, the details of which have been posted on our website previously, as follows:

  • Best Allotment Trophy: Stan and Audrey Tortoise
  • Best Half Plot Trophy: Andrew Moat.
  • Best Newcomers Trophy: Ringo and Angela Gebbie.
  • Best Wildlife Friendly Plot: Sue Brophy.
  • Best Bee-Friendly Trophy: Marion Reeve
  • Best Organic Plot: Ann Gibson and Lat Allman
  • Best Plot without Glass: Nick and Gina Coster
  • Best Group Project: The Grow School Garden.

We were also delighted to present at the Show a Long Service Award to one of our seasoned gardeners, Frank Lightfoot, in the shape of a Waterford crystal vase – most suitable for displaying examples of his prize-worthy Dahlias! Many congratulations to Frank, who is one of our Moorside ‘characters’ and who holds a wealth of gardening information for anyone needing advice.

Our Annual Unsung Hero shield, awarded in memory of former Chairman Trevor Storey, went this year to our very own Queen of the Jam Pan, Beverley Sawyer, who begs us constantly not to waste our surplus fruit as she can turn it into a variety of individually tasting preserves for sale through the allotment shop and at the show, all to raise funds for the Association.  Well done, Beverley! Your fame is spreading, if you excuse the pun, and we understand that to date in 2017 and still producing madly, you have already made - and the shop has sold - over 300 jars of jam! Beverley is always on the lookout for surplus fruit, jars and even pretty material with which to make the colourful jam pot covers, so just leave your donations on the table outside the Moorside shop, marked for her attention.

Our Moorside Show Fruit and Vegetable competition, which was spread over 64 categories, resulted in the following overall winners, to whom we add our congratulations on nurturing such amazing produce:

  • Moorside Champion Gardener Shield, awarded for the most points in show: Stan Tortoise.
  • Chairman’s Shield/Master Gardener for the most points for vegetables: Tony Francis
  • Best Exhibit in Show (for his onions): Tony Francis.
  • Junior Master Gardener Shield: Anthony Wood.
  • 1st Prize – Salad Bowl:  Stan Tortoise.
  • 1st Prize – Top Tray: Stan Tortoise.
  • 1st Prize – Top Vase: Audrey Tortoise.
  • Best Dahlia: Stan Tortoise.
  • Best for Fun: Tony Francis.

The tents are all dry and put away for another year, the tables and benches stacked and stored, while remaining books and toys have been taken to one of the City’s key charity organisations to raise funds for deserving causes, so your contributions are never wasted.

Watch out for details of our 2018 event on the website and on the Moorside notice boards, so if you were not able to come along this year, make a firm entry in your diary to come along next year. AND. If you are able to help with the Show, even better!

 Susan Pownall

Chairman, Moorside Allotments Association

18th September  2017.



6th September - Moorside Show, How-To Videos, & Committee Minutes

The Moorside show is now just 3 days away, and the Show Brochure is now available. Exhibitors have until 2pm Friday to submit their entry forms (forms available in the Entry Brochure).

For anyone unsure of how best to show off your sweet peas, dahlias, potatoes or other exhibits, the Moorside "How-to" video library continues to grow over on our YouTube channel

Finally, committee minutes for May, June & July are available on the committee page

30th August - Denton Bank & Armstrong Allotments Shows

The season of Allotment Shows is upon us (with the most important one taking place on the 9th September at Moorside). Details of the Denton Bank, and Armstrong Allotments shows can be found by following the links

25th August - Parish Notices, Trading Hut News, And The Moorside Show

Parish Notices:

  1. Soil Improver:  The Council depot at Sandhills, Newburn is able to deliver soil improver for £21 a tonne on either Mondays or Thursdays.  If any Moorside gardener would like a large quantity – or share with a neighbouring plot – you can book a delivery directly on 0191 278 3942 or email recycling.officer@newcastle.gov.uk
  2. Leaf Mould available free of charge from St James’ and St Basil’s Church, Fenham.  Please contact Jean Hannon on 0191 274 6252 to arrange collection.
  3. Three rolls of new different width carpets about 6ft each piece (Path wide).  Anyone interested, please contact Moira on email moiragray@btinternet.com
  4. Beverley Sawyer, our resident Moorside Jam Queen, is urgently seeking seasonal fruit, e.g.  plums, apples (even windfalls) to make jam for the Moorside Show.  

A revised Price List is now available vai the Trading Hut pages

The Moorside Show is now only 2 weeks away and all plotholders should have seen a brochure pinned to their gates (spares are available on the Show page). All plotholders - both novices and old show-hands - are encouraged to enter.

7th August - Newcastle Allotment & Garden Fete 2017 - Celebrating 100 Years Of Allotment Growing 1917 – 2017

Newcastle Allotment and Garden Show 2017, organised by Newcastle City Council in partnership with the city’s Allotments Working Group (AWG), will be held on Sunday 24th September ,all taking place in a marquee within the beautiful setting of Leazes Park, Newcastle’s oldest park, close to the city centre.

The show will have dozens of classes to enter that are open to all amateur gardeners, young and old, across the region who are keen to show off their gardening skills. Keith Rogerson, chairman of the AWG, said: “There will be a full range of flower, vegetable and fruit classes, including the popular and prestigious 2 Pot Leeks Challenge Cup, plus produce classes for jams, chutneys and wine.”

Prize money will be awarded to the best exhibits on the day.

There is a small charge of £3 per exhibitor and for this they can get entry into as many classes as they wish. All entrants must stage their exhibits on Saturday 23rd September between 10am -4.30pm so that they are ready for public viewing on Sunday 24th September.

Mark Todd, Allotments Officer for Newcastle City Council said: This year marks the 100th centenary for a number of allotment sites across the city and we are hoping that people will show their support by coming along , to stage their produce in readiness for the public opening on Sunday 24th September.

A fun filled weekend for friends and family, including entertainment, children’s activities, music, children’s crafts, face painting, raffles, stalls selling a wide range of flowers, produce and preserves, advice on bee keeping and organic gardening and much more.

The public show starts at 11am, when it will be officially opened by the Sherriff of Newcastle, Cllr David Down , and finishes at 5pm.

For more details about the show visit www.newcastleallotments.co.uk, or contact Newcastle allotments officer, Mark Todd, on 0191 278 7878

From Friday 22nd Sept through to the 1st Oct the park will be hosting a large dinosaur event, Jurassic Kingdom - Newcastle (click on link) which is expected to draw in crowds http://www.jurassickingdom.uk/tour-2/ which will add to the splendour of the weekend.

Further information Here and Here

2nd August - Tweed Street Open Day, & Moorside Videos Now Online

Tweed Street Allotment Associations are hosting a grand Centenary Open Day, celebrating 100 years of growing 1917-2017 , which will be held on Saturday 19th August between 11am – 3pm - further details are available by clicking here

Moorside continue their journey (kicking and screaming) into the wide world of online with our new YouTube Channel - on it you'll be able to find videos on how to grow and show, as well as videos showcasing the prize-winning plots we have at Moorside

Best Full Plot With Glass - 2017

Runner Up - Best organic Plot

25th July - Showtime Approaches

As Summer gets into full swing (complete with floods, thunderstorms and the usual trappings of a typical British summer), the Moorside Show approaches (Saturday 9th September - save the date!). More information including the show brochure, what's on, the entry categories and more can be found on the updated show page

moorside show 2017 flyer


22nd July -We Want Your Fruit!

The Moorside Jam Mafia are once again hard at work turning spare fruit into jams to sell at the Moorside show - but are desperate for more fruit. Be it windfall apples, excess strawberries, or even the fruit that's been at the bottom of your freezer since last year; they'll take it all and turn it into lovely produce to help boost Moorside's coffers. If anyone has any spare fruit, please contact Beverley via the trading hut or our facebook group

21st July - City Allotments Competition 2017.

 Well done, Moorsiders!  Once again the expertise of our gardeners has been recognised and rewarded  in the City Allotments Competition which the City’s representatives judged last week.

Congratulations to Stan and Audrey Tortoise for once more fending off very stiff opposition to be awarded the top spot in the Best Full Plot with Glass category.

Best Organic Plot got Moorside a prestigious 2nd place with Ann Gibson and Lat Allman’s immaculate garden. Very well done!

Once more, our delightful Grow School Plot retained their 4th place in the City, so lots of congratulations to the children and parents who worked so hard on your very attractive  and eye-catching  Moorside plot.

Last but not least,  Moorside has come 3rd in the whole of the City for Best Large Site.  The hard work of our gardeners and especially those of you who have helped maintain the communal areas has paid off once more. All that mowing, strimming, weeding and maintaining the colourful planters throughout our communal areas,  drew particular praise from the judges, who saw our site in bright sunshine, making it look even more spectacular. Thank you all! 2017 is the third year running that we have retained this position in the face of increasingly professional competition across the 65 City allotment sites.  Well done everyone for pulling out the stops in time for the judging. Let’s maintain our high standard and aim even higher for 2018!

 A full list of winners can be found here

A message from Mark Todd, the City Allotments Officer on behalf of the judges:

The judges would like to thank you all for allowing them through your gates to look around and judge the gardens. We thoroughly enjoyed judging and it was great to see the level of competition is still at a high standard as usual!

Allotment holders never fail to surprise us with their innovative ways and quirkiness, such as water harvesting from water springs and shed roofs to recycling materials. Companion planting was at a high standard for those who are organic and the plots with glass, as always were a hard category to judge. The newcomers were of an outstanding high level and their enthusiasm was very inspiring ,considering the short time they have owned their allotment, many with no previous experience in gardening or growing.

Thanks again to everyone who entered and we look forward to judging in 2018.

I look forward to meeting all the winners at the City Allotments Show when I will be making the presentations to each of you on Sunday, 24th September in Leazes Park.  

Mark Todd.

20th July 2017.



16th July -Moorside Alloments Competition Results June 2017.


  • John Ludlow
  • Pat and Tony Francis
  • David Vincent
  • Nicky Walter
  • Farid Yousefi
  • John and Marie Wilson
  • Gail Young and John Spencer
  • Emily Sweetman and Angus Autchison
  • Richard Littlewood
  • Eddie Gilchrist
  • Nigel and Ruth Wood

 Moorside’s bee-friendly award - Marion Reeve

The following  winning Moorside gardeners’ plots were also  nominated for the Newcastle Allotment Competition, being judged by the City Allotments Officer and his team of experts during the week ending 14th July 2017.

  • Best Half plot - Andrew Moat
  • Best Full plot with glass- Stan and Audrey Tortoise
  • Best Full plot without glass- Nick and Gina Coster
  • Best Organic plot - Lat Allman and Ann Gibson
  • Best Newcomer - Ringo and Angela Gebbie
  • Best Group/Community project - Grow School
  •  Most Wildlife Friendly plot award - Sue Brophy
11th July - Possible Devolvement Of Parks & Allotments To A Charitable Trust - Update

On Monday July 17th, the Council’s parks transformation team will present their findings to the City Council’s Cabinet about the potential for a new charitable trust to manage the City’s parks and open spaces.  The findings include the proposed business model, and the passionate public response arising from the recent public consultation campaign on the future of Newcastle parks, allotments and open spaces. See the public consultation report here: https://goo.gl/5pUZZd 

Cabinet will review progress, interrogate the financial and operational implications and decide whether or not to support further work on the charitable model.  If Cabinet agree, the full proposal will be worked up to full business case and implementation plan for final Cabinet decision in October.

After Cabinet, Newcastle City Council parks team will feedback to the public, in person, at 5 locations around the City – dates, times and venues below.  The team will explain the work to date, results of the public consultation, Cabinet’s decision and next steps.  The cabinet report and supporting documents can be found here. If, for any reason the link doesn't work, please follow this link: https://goo.gl/9N4zH5 

We would appreciate it if you would spread the word to anyone that might be interested in attending and we look forward to seeing you there.




Start Time

18th July


Civic Centre Armstrong Stephenson

7pm – 8pm

20th July


Trinity Church (Ouseburn Space)

7pm – 8pm

22nd July

Jesmond Dene

Visitors Centre

12pm – 1pm

24th July


Nunsmoor Centre

7.30pm – 8.30pm

25th July


Pottery Bank Community Centre

6.30pm – 7.30pm

23rd June - Last Days of The Plant Scheme

We have limited numbers of:

  • Chilli Peppers
  • Cucumbers
  • Squashes and
  • Pumpkins

 Everything at half price before we close for the summer!



22nd June - Moorside Annual Trophies Judging, City-wide Allotments Judging, and

 Calling all Moorside Gardeners.  Competition time is upon us once more and a small team from your committee will be coming round all plots on Tuesday 27th June to judge and  select the gardens we feel should be awarded our top prize in each category.  In judging the Wildlife Friendly Garden, we will also be inviting an outside expert, as we have done in previous years. Following our judging, our nominations will also be forwarded at the beginning of July to the City Allotments Officer to be considered for the Citywide Allotments Competition, which he is judging with his own team between 12-14th July.

 To be considered as one of our Moorside Allotment Competition winners, the criteria you need to aim for can be found here

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

  •  Best Full Plot With Glass
  • Best Full Plot without Glass
  • Best Half Plot
  • Best Organic Plot: We are not sure if anyone on Moorside is totally organic, so please let us know if you wish to be considered for this category.
  • Best Newcomer
  • Most Wildlife Friendly Plot
  • Best Group Project.

 Good Luck Everyone!

 Susan Pownall,  Chairman, Moorside Allotments

PS - On 27th June the internal judging will take place for our 2017 Moorside Competition Trophies and between 12th and 14th July, the City Allotments Officer and fellow judges will be coming along to judge the nominations for the 2017 City-wide Allotments Awards, including Best Site.

External Boundaries Reminder - Just a reminder to all Moorside gardeners that you are each responsible for keeping your external boundaries weedfree and any  overhanging branches, hedges and briars should be clipped.  The  recent wet and then warm weather has seen prolific growth along pathways and boundaries and if everyone sees to their own section, it has an immediate effect on keeping our site tidy.

Equally important, it will also improve the visual effect for the City Allotment Competition judges when they come round between 12th and 14th July, so get those shears out, please!

14th June - Your Chance To influence The Future Of Allotments In Newcastle


Just a reminder for all our allotmenteers that you are invited to attend the annual Newcastle Allotments Working Group Forum on Thursday 15th June at 7 pm in the Armstrong/Stgephenson Room at the Civic Centre.  The main subject of the evening is a presentation by the City Council on their plans for the devolvement of both parks and allotments into a charitable trust from September 2017.  Your voices are very important in order to ensure the best solution for our allotment future. After the presentation, there is a Question and Answer session when you can express your concerns and get immediate answers!  The evening is set to finish around 8.30 pm.


 Thank you – I hope to see you there!

Susan Pownall, NAWG Representative,

Chairman, Moorside Allotments.

6th June - April Committee Minutes

The April Committee meeting minutes are now available on the committee page

1st June - Newcastle's Got Wood

Reclaimed timber for Allotments, gardens, and DIY is available from Newcastle Wood Recycling, based at The Wood Yard in Walker. (NE6 2PA).  They supply a variety of reclaimed timber, including pallets, scaffold boards and sheet materials. They are a not for profit organisation which was set up in 2014 to save resources and to create jobs and volunteering opportunities in the area.
Contact details are: - tel: 0191 2654845, e: hello@welovewood.org or for more information visit their website or Facebook page:  https://en-gb.facebook.com/NewcastleWoodRecycling/

20th May - Allotment Intruders & West Jesmond Allotments Open Day

Intruders on Moorside - During the course of Monday night – we think we have pinned it down – it appears that intruders entered the site and opened a selection of shed doors at the top of the middle lane and down the west lane.  There were also one or two  sheds opened down the east lane but not as extensive.  Damage seems to be  minimal if any and although things have been taken from several sheds, many of the ‘spoils’ have been found either on the pathway or left in other plotholders’ gardens.  However, there are some items which have not been recovered, so if you find things on your plot which don’t belong to you, please bring them down to the shop over the weekend between 10 am and noon and we will try to repatriate them with their owners!  Similarly, if you find items missing, please report to the shop also.

West Jesmond Allotment Association is holding its annual Open Day and Plant Sale on Saturday 3 June from 11am to 2pm. The site can be accessed from Forsyth Road, Highbury or Cemetery Road by the Lodge and all are welcome. Please go along and support your local community.  For further information, contact:  Barbara Owens, WJAA Membership Secretary

17th May Cancellation of Coxlodge Open Day and Trading Hut Rota

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the planned open day at Coxlodge allotments planned for 20th may has been cancelled.

In brighter news, an updated trading hut rota is now available (volunteers always welcome)

11th May - Newcastle Parks & Allotments, and Armstrong Allotments & Fairways Allotments Plant Sales

The future of Newcastle’s parks and allotments – consultation

 Thank you for taking the time to share your views on the future of Newcastle’s parks and allotments. We are grateful to everyone who sent us their views, including taking part in the online consultation, drop-in sessions and workshops.

 Newcastle City Council is currently analysing all of the responses. As there are restrictions in place on the information that councils can publicise during a pre-election period, we will be providing feedback after the General Election which is on 8 June.

 The consultation findings will be published on Newcastle City Council’s website: www.newcastle.gov.uk.

 The consultation is now closed, but if you have any further questions or feedback, please email: letstalk@newcastle.gov.uk.

Armstrong Allotments & Fairways Allotments Plant Sales

Fairways Allotment Association is holding its annual Open Day and Plant Sale on Saturday 3rd June 10am – 2pm and they’d  be delighted if you were able to help them publicise this through your mailing lists. There will be Tea / Coffee and Refreshments available.  The site can be accessed from Manor Park , across from the Newton Public House,NE7 7FS and all are welcome

Armstrong Allotments would like to invite you along to their annual plant sale on Saturday 20th May. There will be hanging baskets for sale , fruit & veg, the shop will be open and much more.  Please support your allotment associations. I can see this being a busy day across the city and a good opportunity for all sites , no matter how old to celebrate 100 years of allotment growing. EVERYONE WELCOME. We look forward to seeing you. Entrance to allotments via Crompton Road, Heaton NE6

7th May - 2017 Allotment Forum Meeting & Greening Wingrove News

The 2017 Allotment forum will be held on 17th June at the Civic Centre. More details can be found here.

Greening Wingrove have put out a large update which includes information on a number of events & opportunities and can be found on the Local Events page

21st April - The Return Of the Plant Scheme & Allotment Working Group Raffle

As Spring gets into full swing, the Moorside Plant Scheme returns to cover your blushes for failed, missed or poor sowings, as well as providing a range of plants that you might not have considered or just decide to go for on the spur of the moment. The Plant Scheme will open it's doors for the first time in 2017 on Saturday 22nd April, and will open every Saturday & Sunday, 10-12 until the plants run out. For more information on what's in stock, head over to the plant scheme page

In other news - Newcastle Allotment Working Group are running a raffle with a prize of a night at the Sanderman Signature Hotel  (opposite St James’ Park) and a “spend” in the Shark Club - perfect if you fancy a night away from the kids or if you've a visiting relative who you'd like to keep at arms length. Raffle tickets are 20p each or £1 a strip and can be bought from the plant scheme garden from 10am to 12 noon from  Saturday 23rd April and Sunday 24th April and throughout May (winner to be drawn in June)

18th April - Filming On Moorside

Active Newcastle are filming on Moorside on the 19th April, to create a 30 second clip around the  "What Moves You" messages and help promote a positive approach to activity. If anyone is interested in appearing, they'll need to sign a consent form in advance or on the day

16th April - Committee Minutes & Skip

The skip is now full - please don't attempt to put any more rubbish in as the company won't collect if it's over-loaded.

The March Committee Minutes are also available to read via the committee page

14th April - Easter Trading Hut Opening

In addition to normal opening on Saturday 7 Sunday, the Trading Hut will be open on Bank Holiday Monday from 10am-midday for all your growing needs. A revised stock & price list has also been published

12th April - Easter Skip


Our Easter skip is arriving tomorrow, 13th April and will be situated adjacent to the toilets on the west lane.  Whilst it provides a prime opportunity to clear your plots of uwanted rubbish, please note that the following materials should NOT be put in it:

  • Wood
  • Weeds
  • Soil
  • Tyres
  • Metal (this can be left tidily and safely behind the trading hut to be collected by our local scrap merchant).
  • Any substances which are deemed notifiable eg. Asbestos. If you find anything of this nature, please get in touch with a committee member immediately and we will arrange safe disposal with the Council.

Finally, please load the skip sensibly and empty out plastic bags into it rather than piling them up full.  It takes less room!


Susan Pownall

Chairman and Shop Manager

10th April - Jam Jars Wanted

The Moorside Jam Mafia are currently urgently looking for 350ml jam jars to help process the piles of donated fruit into jam. All donations of jars are gratefully received - please drop them off at the trading hut during the usual opening hours, if if the hut is closed they can be left on the bench opposite the hut


1st April - Greening Wingrove & The "Future of Newcastle's Parks Consultation"

Dear Moorsiders,

We have already posted on the website the details surrounding the possible devolved management of the City’s parks and allotments to a charitable trust.  I hope you have had an opportunity to go along to some of the sessions which have already taken place to learn more of the proposals.  If not, and bearing in mind many of our gardeners fall within the Wingrove Ward, Greening Wingrove has arranged two special sessions at the Civic Centre on 5th and 6th April.  Councillor Nigel Todd has outlined the details of the sessions below and has issued an open invitation to you to attend.

This is your opportunity to have your say, especially as to whether you agree or disagree that the proposals should include allotments.  Do try to get along.

Kind regards

Susan Pownall

Chairman, Moorside Allotments Association.



As you may know, the City Council is looking at the possibility of moving the management of the City’s parks (including Nuns Moor Park) and allotments to a ‘Parks Trust’.  There is little detail as yet, but several consultation events have been held.

Greening Wingrove CIC has arranged a session for our members and friends to find out more.  This will be on Wednesday 5 April at the Swan Parsons Committee Room, Civic Centre, 6.00-8.00 pm.  There will also be an additional session on the following evening, Thursday 6 April, again at the Civic Centre from 6.00 pm.  More details are here:  https://letstalkparks.co.uk/events/?m=04&y=17

If you would like further background information, then the following two links should be of help:

The Greening Wingrove CIC strategy group that is looking at the future of Nuns Moor Park, as part of our work underway to set up a Friends of the Park group, is also seeking to shape options for how our local park could develop in the future.  If you would like more details, please get in touch.

As it happens, we’ll have our own park consultation in Nuns Moor Park on Wednesday 12 April 2017, 11.00 am – 3.00 pm, during the next Greening Wingrove festival that is currently being planned.  If you would like more details of the festival, do contact: hello@greeningwingrove.org.uk

Lastly, for now, Greening Wingrove has been invited to visit two of the City’s Friends of Parks Groups, and you would be very welcome to join in:

  • Gosforth Park - Monday 3 April, 10.00 am – 12 noon
  • Heaton Park – Monday 24 April, 5.30-6.30 pm.

Just turn up at the Parks, or contact Andrew Teasdale at the WEA Greening Wingrove Project for details (e: ATeasdale@wea.org.uk).

Best wishes.



Greening Wingrove CIC

Tel: 077 11 286 711


1st April - Compost Ahoy!

Moorside have been contact by 2 separate groups offering compost / soil improver

  • Newcastle Council Soil Conditioner for £21.00 per tonne (delivered), and can deliver up to 6 tonnes at a time. If you are interested , you can book either direct on 0191 2783942, or email recycling.officer@newcastle.gov.uk

  • Greenleaf Compost & Soil Conditioner for £60 for a 2 tonne load (see flier for more details) call 01670 823042 or e-mailing enqs@greenleafrecycling.co.uk
22nd March - Slugs & Snails Guide

With spring coming, and by popular request, Frank's guide on the various ways to keep on top of the inevitable wave of slugs & snails has been republished from the 2015 Newsletter on the Wildlife page.

21st March - Local Parks Consultation & Committee Minutes

Newcastle Council is running a 3-month consultation about the future - and possible transfer of responsibility to a charitable trust - of Newcastle's parks. More information on this can be found here

The February Committee Meeting Minutes are now available either here, on on the committee pages

16th March - Trading Hut Rota

An updated trading hut rota is now available on the Trading Hut Page

10th March - More Trading Hut News - Spring Supplies Now In Stock

Our allotment shop is now back to summer opening with immediate effect.  We are now open from 10 am to 12 noon on Saturdays and Sundays.  To aid your seed planting we have got in a new supply of Humax Original with silver sand as well as our usual multi-purpose and organic varieties.

We have also taken delivery of another huge load of farmyard manure which is still selling at £1 a barrow.  A new consignment of paraffin has also been delivered today but for the first time in our shop history we are having to put the price up to £1.20 a litre or £4.80 for a 4-litre can.  We have absorbed increased ‘wholesaler’ prices up to now but have reached a point where we are having to pass them on.  On the plus side, however, our paraffin prices are still way below outside retailers, which is why our sales are so good.

Just a note too, that the water will be turned  back on before the end of the month if the current mild weather continues.  Bearing in mind that the stopcock for our supply is on the moor adjacent to our site, we intend switching it back on before the cows return for the summer season on 31st March.

Susan Pownall

Moorside Shop Manager

10th March 2017.
7th March - Trading Hut News

As spring starts to take hold, the Trading Hut is resuming its traditional opening hours of 10am-midday every Saturday & Sunday. A revised price list is also available on the Trading Hut Page

6th March - Allotment Break-in 5th/6th March

(NB - a fuller version of this has gone out via e-mail to all plotholders)

Dear Moorsiders

We had a very serious break-in last night with equipment and cash taken.  The police have been called and I have been on site most of the day with several other Moorsiders trying to sort things out.

 It seems from what we have seen and from initial reports coming in from some of you that the intruders have been through the whole site, breaking open sheds, wrecking furniture, kicking down fences amongst other things.  In relation to sheds, we have not heard of anything having  been taken to date. Even our red letter box by the main gate had been forced open.

 To make sure the police have the full inventory of stolen goods and damage, please could each of you go down to your Moorside gardens as soon as possible and just check things over.  Should anything be missing or if you want to report damage etc, we have an Incident Reference Number 429 and a Crime Reference Number dated 6th March – 024351P/17. The Police Officer who came down was PC 670 Lindsay from 2417 Response Team.  You can reach him by dialling 101, and he would like to hear from anyone who has been a victim of this burglary, especially if goods have been taken.

The equally alarming thing about all this is that the east gate was wide open this morning with the undamaged security lock clicked shut, indicating that the thieves had an entrance key to our site. If anyone has recently lost a gate key, please let any of the Committee know.  Right now, it is a possibility that entry was made simply by unlocking the gate, making it much easier to wheel the generator and any other equipment out of the allotments.

If you have any further queries, please get in touch.

Kind regards



6TH March 2017.

1st March - NAWG Raffle & Greening Wingrove News

We are pleased to take part in a raffle organised by the Newcastle Allotment Group. A few tickets are left but the raffle must end this weekend (4th and 5th March). Give it a go!  And good luck!

march 17 raffle

Greening Wingrove are looking for volunteers to help giving out trees - for more information, please see The Local Events page

13th Feb - AGM & Committee Minutes

It might be cold enough to freeze the brass monkeys off a brass monkey outside, so until the warmer weather arrives, the 2017 AGM minutes, and the January committee meeting minutes are available to read indoors

31st January - Kings Seeds Potato Order

In more potato news: Dave Vincent has received the Kings Seeds potato order and they will be available for collection from this Saturday, the 4th February

24th January - Cometh The Hour, Cometh The Potato (And Trading Hut Rota)

The Trading Hut's spring stock of seed potatoes have just arrived to supply all your potato-based needs at bargain prices of only £2 per 2kg bag. See the Trading Hut page for more details on varieties available: Buy early to avoid disappointment

A revised trading hut rota is also available for those brave souls manning the trading hut through the cold weekend mornings - new volunteers always welcome, bring your own gloves.

23rd January - Social Media

Following the AGM on the 19th January, we are formally adopting the use of a Moorside Facebook group to help plotholders communicate with each other (especially at this time of year when it's a bit too cold to be outside too much). For more information head over to the new Moorside Online page

2nd January - AGM & New Years Resolutions

The Poster for this years AGM is now available - nomination forms for committee positions are available from the trading hut

If your new years resolutions involve having a clear-out, then the Moorside Jam Mafia are keen to help recycle any patterned cotton shirts, blouses etc (which can be recycled as jam pot covers); and well as any frozen fruit lurking in the bottom of your freezer. Any material can be dropped off at the Trading hut; or pop over to our trial Facebook Group (you'll need to request to join and have this approved first) to arrange any donations.

MAA AGM 2017
22nd December - AGM & Trading Hut

The Moorside Allotments Association AGM will be held on Thursday 19th January at 7.30pm in St James & St Basils Church Hall. The agenda & reports will follow after Christmas, however the minutes from the 2016 meeting are available via the AGM Page Please note: this was previously incorrectly advertised as 7.00pm due to Christmas gremlins entering the works)

The Trading Hut will be open on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve from 11am till midday for all your paraffin, birdseed and other festive growing needs. Christmas Top Tip: Hand trowels make good emergency Christmas presents for unexpected Christmas guests

17th December - Ben Rudden

We were very sorry to hear of the death of former Moorside gardener, Ben Rudden.  Ben and Jean worked plot 30 for many years and even since he ‘retired’ from the site, they have both been loyal supporters of our plant scheme, the shop and the annual show. When Ben left Moorside, we were delighted to make both he and Jean honorary members of our site.

The funeral is being held at 10 am on Monday 19th December at St Robert’s Church, Bolbec Road, Fenham.

7th December - Tis The season To Think Securely

Reports are coming in that a number of local allotments are being targeted by gangs stealing equipment (West Denton & 3-Mile Allotments have already been subject to break-ins). Plotholders are requested to take anything valuable home for the winter to avoid it ending up being sold in a pub on a Friday night

28th November - Christmas "What's On" Roundup

From Craft Fairs to Christmas Cafe's via Dog-Friendly Carol services, the Local Events Page is now listing things to do over the festive period

25th November - Trading Hut Rota

An updated rota is now available via the Trading Hut Page

18th November - Winter Is Coming: Trading Hut, Water & Committee Updates

As winter approaches, the site water supply will be turned off and drained this weekend and won't be turned back on next spring; which also means that the toilets will be closed until the spring as well for reasons of hygiene. .

The Trading hut will also be going into winter hours as of 26th November, and will only be open from 11-12 on Saturdays & Sundays until the weather gets a bit warmer. The Trading Hut will continue to stock the full range of products, including paraffin for your heaters, and news will be coming soon about seed potato stocks for next spring

winter is coming

Exhibition Park is hosting a pair of Christmas Crafts events in December - more information on the events page

Finally, the September & October committee minutes are available on the committee pages

5th October - Fruit On The Tyne Conference (5th November)

A conference for community gardens, farms and orchards in the North East is being held on Saturday 5th November, 9:30am – 3:30pm at Nunsmoor Centre, Studley Terrace, Arthur's Hill, NE4 5AH. More information is available on the Local Events page

1st October - Seed Catalogues

With the 2016 season drawing to a close and gardeners busy digging over the ground in readiness for next year, we are pleased to focus your minds even more on next season’s planting!


The 2017 Kings Seeds catalogue is now available either from the Trading Hut during opening hours or just take one from inside the notice board cases at the East Gate and the Main Gate.

As usual, Dave Vincent has kindly offered to co-ordinate orders, so complete the form and put it in an envelope marked Kings Seeds FAO Dave Vincent.  All orders must be accompanied by payment in advance, with cheques being made payable to Moorside Allotments Association.  Either deliver it to Dave on Plot 8, drop it off at the Allotments Shop or post in the red letter box (secure) by the main gate.

Kings Seeds pass back up to 17% of the value of all orders, which goes to our Allotment Association, so your support benefits everyone.

To save you postage, Dave will have all orders delivered to him in bulk for collection from the Allotments Shop.  We’ll let you know when your order comes in.

Please could you make sure your orders are delivered to Dave on plot 8, the allotments shop or posted in the red letter box no later than 29th October  2016.


We have also received our 2017 batch of vegetable seed, potato, flowers and fruit catalogues from Thompson & Morgan. The orders are being co-ordinated by the Shop Manager, Susan Pownall and the catalogues are available from the shop NOW!

There is a 50% discount on seed orders with free postage.  Plant orders qualify for a 20% discount but you pay postage. Once again, completed order forms – with your name and address -  and remittance should be dropped off at the shop marked THOMPSON & MORGAN ORDER. FAO SUSAN POWNALL.  Or, outside shop hours, please post in the red letter box by the main gate. When enclosing your remittance, please ensure you have deducted the appropriate discount, which benefits you personally. Please make cheques payable to Thompson & Morgan. Orders must be received at the Allotments Shop by 30th November 2016 at the latest.

All Thompson & Morgan seed orders will be delivered in bulk to Susan, who will let you know when they are available for collection from the Allotments Shop. Non-Seed orders will be sent to you directly from Thompson & Morgan at the correct time for planting.

Any queries, please email Susan

We advise you keep a copy of your order form for future reference.

Susan Pownall

30th September 2016.

30th September - Trading Hut Rota

An updated trading hut rota is now available on the Trading Hut page



It is with great sadness that I learned this afternoon that Peter Whewell, our former Chairman and dear friend, has died earlier today after a brave battle with cancer.  His wife Liz said he died this morning at home, where he wanted to be at the end.   As Liz said “I know for Peter it was time to go and he died peacefully in his sleep.”  Like Liz, I am sure that all who knew him will miss him dreadfully.  His dry sense of humour and endless energy, as well as his ability to keep us all on our toes on the allotments will contribute to the lasting memories of a great man.

Peter had been Chairman of Moorside Allotments and also a key member of the Newcastle Allotments Working Group for a number of years during which time his professionalism, enthusiasm and intellect saw many positive changes not only to our Moorside allotments scene but also across the city. His input into the Allotments Strategy for the City has helped to raise standards and sustainability in a pastime which we all enjoy now and hopefully well into the future.

Peter and Liz maintained a wonderful garden on Moorside and won many top awards both in our own annual Moorside Allotments Competition and in the annual City Allotments Competition.  Peter’s efforts also saw Moorside win Best Large Allotment Site in the City as well as several second and third places over the years.  

Peter has been an example and inspiration to us all and will be sadly missed.


Susan Pownall

Chairman, Moorside Allotments Association

19th September  2016.


24th September 

Peter's funeral has been arranged for 11.45 Thursday
29th September at West Road Crematorium

If people would like to make a donation, Peter's charities were The Mountain Bothies Association and The John Muir Trust which is dedicated to protect wild places, they care for and own Ben Nevis, Scheihallion, Sandwood Bay, amongst many others, donations can be made on the day.

The wake will take place after the funeral at The Northern Football Club, McCracken Park, the Great North Road.

Peter Whewell 2

Liz and Peter Whewell at the Moorside Show 2013

24th September - Moorside Committee Minutes

The August Committee meeting minutes are now available via the committee page

20th September - 2016 City Show: 25th September

The 2016 City Show takes place this weekend, and both exhibitors and donations for the show are being sought - see the new City Show page for more information

3rd September - Show Now 7 Days Away

With the show now only 7 days away, the show brochure is now available giving all the details of what's on at the show

26th August - Countdown To The Moorside Show

The 2016 Moorside Show is now only 2 weeks away (12.30pm Saturday 10th September), and the entry brochure is now available to download here, with the printed version available very soon at the allotment gates. Please be aware that entry slips for the show must be received no later than 2pm on Friday 9th September.

moorside show 2016 wanted

The show organisers are also looking for Exhibitors, donations of Raffle Prizes, Cakes to sell, Books/CD's/DVDs, Jams & Chutneys etc - see the poster for more details.

25th August - Moorside On Instagram

Moorside is being brought kicking & screaming into the world of social media - if you're an Instagram user please check out the #moorsideallotments hashtag and feel free to tag any of your Moorside related uploads with it

19th August - Trading Hut Price List

A revised trading hut price list is now available here

17th August - July Committee Meeting Minutes

The July Committee Minutes are now available to view here, or via the committee page

15th August - Harrogate Autumn Flower show

Tickets are now available for the Harrogate Autumn flower show - Sunday 18th September 2016

 A special trip for NAS members and friends

  • Only £20 per member including entry
  • £25 for non-members
  •  Depart Newcastle north    8.00am. Return at close of show    4.30 pm 
  • Calling at up to 4 points on route depending on demand. Newcastle North, Silverlink, Washington services, Bowburn services 
  • Send a cheque for £20 per member with booking form (click here) to John Doherty at the address below. Late applications – ring John to check availability

The small print

  • This trip is only for members and non-members of the national allotment society and friends.
  • Please use the booking form attached
  • Advance payment required with booking. Cheques preferred. This is not refundable except if there is insufficient support when all applicants’ cheques will be returned.
  • All bookings will be acknowledged and tickets issued after 1st September
  • The bus will start from somewhere north of Newcastle depending on demand at 8.00 am sharp on Sunday 18th September. 
  • Exact start point and pick up points will be notified with the acknowledgement.
  • There will be a maximum of 4 pick ups. Full details on tickets.
  • Drop offs on return will be the same as the pick up points.
  • Maximum 53 bookings.
  • The bus will leave the show ground bus park at close of show, 4.30pm sharp.
  • Return to start around 6.30pm 

25th July - City Show & Allotments Competition, Swop-A-Lot Event, & June Committee Minutes


A message from your Chairman.

Once again, Moorside has proved to be one of the most attractive sites in the city, coming third in the Best Large Site category for the second year running.  Despite the late start and some adverse weather conditions, the majority of our allotments looked spectacular with masses of produce and colour. Not only that but we have picked up a further four awards in the competition categories, which were all judged during the first week in July.  Well done to our selected gardeners!

All this is down to you, our allotmenteers but also I would like to extend an extra special thank you to all the ‘invisible’ volunteers who cut the grass, trim hedges, weed borders, cut back briars and branches over paths, fill the planters and communal flower beds, de-weed the paving stones and all the other jobs that go on to make Moorside such an attractive allotment site and also go a long way to ensure our place on the City Allotments Competition podium!

Susan Pownall

Chairman, Moorside Allotments Association


Best Half Plot
4th Mr & Mrs Hindmarsh Denton Bank (Fenham)
4th Allan Forsyth West Jesmond (Jesmond)
3rd Andy Watt & Melissa Whitehead Tweed Street (Elswick)
2nd Billy Herbert Woodlea Gardens (Gosforth)
1st June Theiss Three Mile (Gosforth)
Best Full Plot With Glass
4th Julie Herbertson Benwell (Benwell)
4th Dean Dodds Highbury South (Jesmond)
3rd Tony Jopling Westmacott (Newburn)
2nd Stan & Audrey Tortoise Moorside (Fenham)
1st Dave Ramsay Three Mile (Gosforth)
Best Full Plot Without Glass
4th Brian Barnes West Jesmond (Jesmond)
3rd Nick & Gina Coster Moorside (Fenham)
2nd Grahame Crozier Rectory Road (Gosforth)
1st Irene Bates Tweed Street (Elswick)
Best Organic Plot
4th Philip Cheung Three Mile (Gosforth)
3rd Lydia Appleby West Jesmond (Jesmond)
2nd Alan Parker Benwell (Benwell)
1st Alfie Russell & Peter Mills Walkergate 3B (Walkergate)
Best Newcomer
4th Christina Lepcha Tweed Street (Elswick)
3rd Lisa Young Coxlodge (Fawdon)
2nd Peter Heads Woodlea Gardens (Gosforth)
1st Norma Slee Denton Bank (Fenham)
Most Wildlife Friendly Plot
4th Christine McFarlane Armstrong (Heaton)
3rd Honor Cooper West Jesmond (Jesmond)
2nd Sue Brophy Moorside (Fenham)
1st Kevin Egdell Thropton Terrace (High Heaton)
Best Group Project
4th Grow School Moorside (Fenham)
3rd SJV Primary School West Denton (Denton)
2nd Crisis Skylight Walkergate 3B (Walkergate)
1st West Jesmond School & Comm Garden Highbury South (Jesmond)
Best Large Site
4th Armstrong Armstrong (Heaton)
3rd Moorside Moorside (Fenham)
2nd Three Mile Three Mile (Gosforth)
1st Denton Bank Denton Bank (Fenham)
Best Small Site
4th Rectory Road Rectory Road (Gosforth)
3rd Fenham Model Fenham Model (Fenham)
2nd High West Jesmond High West Jesmond (Jesmond)
1st Thropton Terrace Thropton Terrace (High Heaton)
Most Improved Site
Benwell Benwell (Benwell)

A message from the Judges

Thank you all for allowing us to visit your sites and to those of you who took the time out to show us around a big thank you. 

Despite the slow start to the growing season the stand of crops in comparison to when we last undertook the role as judges has increased in quality and variety.

We found it fascinating that allotment holders have a unique knack of being innovative in utilising space for crops and wildlife along with the fantastic ways of recycling materials!

We loved some of ways in which allotment holders are utilising water harvesting and the number of ponds on sites was great to see, as well as the living roofs!!  Some ideas we’re sure we will take forward to use elsewhere in the city.

We were amazed at the level of work in the Newcomers category and how quick they are getting returns for their hard work.

Some of the more established plots failed to disappoint – especially those with glass.

A number of sheds prove to be home from home and I we would recommend the suggestion for best shed / allotment holders retreat to be forwarded as a new category for next year.

Thanks again to everyone who entered and we look forward to judging all the plots in 2017 which is a centenary year for a good number of sites across the city.

It was a pleasure judging.

Mark Todd

City Allotments Officer




Budding gardeners and green-fingered enthusiasts are invited to show off their gardening skills at the annual Newcastle Allotment and Garden Fete (as it is held outdoors this year). Newcastle Allotment and Garden Fete 2016, organised by Newcastle City Council in partnership with the city’s Allotments Working Group (AWG), will be on Sunday 25th September, all taking place in a marquee within the beautiful setting of Leazes Park, Newcastle’s oldest park, close to the city centre. The event promises a fun filled weekend for friends and family, including entertainment, children’s activities, music, funfair rides, circus skills, children’s crafts, raffles, stalls selling a wide range of flowers, produce and preserves, advice on bee keeping and organic gardening and much more.

The public show starts at 11am on Sunday 25th September, when it will be officially opened by the 800th Lord Mayor of Newcastle’s Mayoralty and Burgesses (better known today as the Freemen of Newcastle). Over the years these valued institutions are credited with giving Newcastle stability, social cohesion, justice, law and administration. The city’s allotment and gardening tradition is testament to the community spirit embedded in our cultural heritage. To honour this important anniversary, Lord Mayor Councillor Hazel Stephenson will open the 2016 Newcastle Allotment and Garden Fete and will also be involved in judging some of the exhibits.

If you are wondering whether it is worth entering the Allotment Show as an exhibitor, it is. We need to promote and showcase allotments in Newcastle and this venue is the best place to do that.

The Allotment and Garden Show Fete will draw to a close at 4pm. For more details, contact Newcastle Allotments Officer, Mark Todd, on 0191 278 7878



National Allotments Week exists to highlight how brilliant allotments are. They not only bring communities together, provide space for growing and fresh air for individuals and families alike, but they benefit wildlife and help to keep our cities breathing. National Allotments week commences 8th August through to 14th.

NSALG are asking sites to throw a party following last year’s success. For more information go to NSALG‘s website.


A Swap-a-lot is being held at Whitley Bay metro station on Sunday 31st July - for more information visit the Local Events page

And Finally - the June Committee meeting minutes are available to read here, or via the Committee page

1st July - Nuns Moor Food Festival

The Nuns Moor Food Festival is taking place on the 10th July. For more information see here or visit the Greening Wingrove website

27th June - Greenhill Allotments Open Day

Greenhill Allotments are holding a plant sale & open day on Sunday 3rd July. More information is available on the local events page

25th June - Annual Gardening Awards

It’s that time of year again when all our plots are inspected, with the help of an external judge, to find the most outstanding gardens in a variety of categories.  For our seasoned gardeners, you will have been building up to this event all year, finding every weed, making sure your external boundaries are clipped and tidy, clearing rubbish from behind the shed  and most of all, bringing on that wide variety of flowers and vegetables, all adding to the WOW factor!

For those of you who have not been on Moorside very long, there is a chance for you to shine too, so don’t be put off – just look at the list of award categories below.  How about striving for Best Newcomer?

The judges will be making their decision on 28th June 2016, so we all have a few days to make our gardens look as appealing as possible.

These are the categories our judges will be seeking to put a winning name against and it could be you!

  1. Best Half Plot
  2. Best Full Plot with Glass
  3. Best Full Plot without Glass
  4. Best Organic Plot – judged on recognised organic methods
  5. Best Newcomer – must have had a plot less than 1 year
  6. Most Wildlife Friendly Plot – judged on the number of wildlife features but also fitting in with good allotment management
  7. Best Group/Community Project

The worthy winner in each category will receive an award at a special ceremony at our Moorside Show on 10th September in recognition of their achievement and all their hard work.

Not only but also.........

City Allotment Competition 2016.

The winning gardens of our own Moorside Annual Awards will also form the basis for consideration in the City Allotments Competition 2016, which is judged by the City Allotments Officer and external gardening experts.  This judging is taking place between 5th and 7th July 2016.

You will have seen from the website and the notice boards how well Moorside did in the 2015 City Competition, with 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in several categories.  Of special importance was Moorside Allotments achieving third best site overall throughout the City, in which there are now 65 allotment sites all competing for that top prize.  Can we do better this year?  Yes we can – if we all pull together to make each of our gardens, perimeters, hedges and fences look the best in town!  

Let’s go for it!

Susan Pownall

Chairman, Moorside Allotments Association.

16th June - Trading Hut Price List & Rota, Plus Committee Minutes

A revised Trading Hut Price list is now available here listing everything you need to dig, clear & grow; a revised rota for manning the Trading Hut is also available - more volunteers always wanted!

Finally the May Moorside Committee minutes are available to read here or via the committee pages

6th June - "Green Wednesday" Midweek Plant Scheme Returns

The Plant Scheme will be holding another "Green Wednesday" evening opening on 8th June between 5pm and 7pm. Pop in after work, buy some plants and fill those gaps in your allotment. It's not too late to plant crops for later summer or autumn harvesting

2nd June - Moorside Show News

More information has been added to the Moorside Show page, including the entry categories for this years show (Saturday 10th September). Please also be aware that the deadline for submission of entries has been brought forward to 2pm the day before

29th May - Bank Holiday Monday Shop & Plant Scheme, Revised Price list

This Bank Holiday Monday, the Moorside Trading Hut & Plant Schemes will both be open for business between 10am & midday for all your sowing,  growing & planting needs. There is also now a revised Trading Hut price list published on the Trading Hut page

26th May - Allotment Exhibition @ City Library

 The "Why Do Busy People Need Allotments" Allotment Exhibition is being held in the City Library , Newcastle 2nd June – 9Th June 2016. Head over to the Local Events page for more information

9th May - Plant Scheme Green Wednesday

The Moorside Plant Scheme will be holding a one-off Wednesday night sale this Wednesday (11th May) from 5pm till 7pm. Perfect for those too busy at the weekend or those allergic to mornings - see the Plant Scheme page for more information

5th May - Greening Wingrove News

Links to a series of events led by Greening Wingrove (including Vertical Veg sessions, a Residents Meeting and Free Pizza) have just been published on the local events page

4th May - 2016 Allotments Forum & Committee Meeting Minutes


The 2016 Allotments forum will be held on Thursday 9th June, and all Moorside Members are invited to attend. The forum will also include the election of representatives to the Allotment Working Group, which will include our own Chair (Susan Pownall) who is standing as a representative for Area 5. See the poster opposite for more details

The April Committee Meeting minutes are now available on the committee pages or by clicking here

allotments forum 2016 poster


2nd May - Plant Scheme & Moorside Show Date Confirmed

As spring progresses and it finally starts to warm up, the Plant Scheme is getting into full swing - head over to the plant scheme page to see what's in stock now and what's coming soon

Meanwhile plans are progressing for the 2016 Moorside show - save the date of Saturday 10th September and keep an eye out for more information on the show page

30th March - Committee Minutes & Trading Hut Price List

The minutes of the February committee meeting are now available via the committee pages, and an updated trading hut price list containing many bargains is now up on the Trading Hut page

28th March - Plant Scheme Gears Up For The Year

tomato and pepper seedlings in plugs

Forgotten to sow something? Unlucky with germination? No space on your windowsill? Head over to the plant scheme page for news on what's going on sale from next weekend and take the stress out of spring sowing


26th March - Skip Update, Water & Bonfires

Unfortunately the skip is now full - please don't try to add anything further to it (or dump anything next to it) or the entire skip may be classed as overloaded and may not be taken away. The water is now back on, and bonfire season is now coming to an end; please don't light any fires after Thursday 31st March.

23rd March -  Skip & Volunteers Wanted

The Easter skip is being delivered tomorrow (24th March) for plotholders to dispose of rubbish.

Please note: the skip is not for wood (to be burned), weeds (ditto) or tyres. Scrap metal (but not gas cylinders) can be placed behind the trading hut for the scrap man. Anyone caught breaking these rules will be composted.

Newcastle University have been in touch as they are currently trying to recruit participants to take part in a study  around mapping air pollution in Newcastle through lab analysis of clippings of food plants grown at home. The University are asking volunteers to host a small plant in their backyards / gardens and send a few clippings in for analysis by post. If you're interested you can find more information on the project website here: https://openlab.ncl.ac.uk/publicweb/mintcake/ and the Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/Mint-CAKE-1532112533771858

4th March - "Ride or Stride Session: Saturday 19th March

Streets for People Jesmond are organising a Ride or Stride even on Saturday 19th March. More information is on the Local Events page 

25th February - Harrogate Spring Flower Show Trip

The National Allotment Society are laying on a coach and ticket package to the Harrogate Spring Flower Show on Sunday 24th April. More information, including prices and booking form can be found on the Local Events page

20th February - Trading Hut News

As winter starts to fade away and the days slowly start to get longer and warmer(ish), the Trading Hut is gearing up to supply all your growing needs at rock-bottom prices. A new price list is available, and Susan has news of what's in stock, what's coming soon, and the odd freebie on the Trading Hut page

10th February - Trading Hut Rota

The latest Trading Hut Rota has been added. As ever, new volunteers are always welcome!

8th February - Greening Wingrove News

Greening Wingrove are running a session on the 10th February to begin "creating a north east food-growing guide".

For more information visit the Local Events page

greening wingrove feb 16

 6th February - 2016 AGM Minutes & January Committee Minutes

The Minutes of the 2016 AGM (held 27th January) are now available on the AGM page or by clicking here. The Minutes of the January Committee meeting are also available here or on the committee page

2nd February - 2016 Rents

Following their agreement at the AGM, the 2016 rents are now due for all plotholders (£40 half plot /  £27.50 half plot concessionary. £80 full plot / £65 full plot concessionary). Please complete the rent form included in the AGM pack (spares available in the trading hut) and return to the address provided on the form, or to the Trading Hut during normal Trading Hut opening hours (10am-12 Saturday & Sunday). Cheques to be made payable to Moorside Allotments Association

26th January - Fruit Tree Grafting Course & December Committee Minutes

We've been made aware of a fruit tree grafting course being run in late February / early March by Jesmond Community Orchard. This is a great opportunity to learn how to graft your own fruit trees for the bargain price of £25 (which includes 2 trees to take away). For more information click on the poster

The December committee meeting minutes are also available to read on the committee page, or click here

Grafting Course 2016 

21st January - Break-ins At Moorside

STOP PRESS - Following the warning last week from Northumbria Police, we are sorry  to report that last night, 20th January, over 17 sheds on Moorside were broken into, locks broken and gates smashed in.  Please check your allotment and if you have had items stolen or your plot has been tampered with, please report to the Police on 101 immediately.  Further information will be added once police have visited the site

Update - 8.30pm - Police attended the site late this afternoon and we have been given the incident number 561  21/01/16, and the attending officer was PC670 (Lindsay), please quote this if you find anything missing or damaged on your plot

20th January - Seed Potatoes NOW IN STOCK, November Committee Minutes

Slightly late (blame the web-monkey), but the November committee minutes are now available to read here.

The Trading Hut has now taken delivery of the 2016 seed potato stock, with all but one variety available at the bargain price of £2 per 2kg bag. Buy early to avoid disappointment - more details available on the Trading Hut page

14th January - Local Allotment Break-ins & "Local Women, Local Enterprise" Event

Northumbria Police have been in touch and have requested that our allotment gardeners should be made aware that there have been a number of break-ins on allotments in the Gosforth area. However, they feel all sites across the city need to be on their guard and if plotholders have anything of great value they suggest it should be taken home. There has been a lot of damage done by the thieves trying to break into the sheds so it is suggested if possible that they are left unlocked.  However, this is entirely up to you.
If you do see anything suspicious then please contact the non-emergency line on 101.

Susan Pownall (Chairman.)

We've also been passed details of a ""Local Women, Local Enterprise" Event" to be held on the 19th January at the Cowgate Centre - more information can be found on the Local Events page

9th January 2016 - Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2016

2016 agm poster small


Click for larger image

The Annual General Meeting for 2016 will be held on Wednesday 27th January at 7.30pm.

If you have supplied an email address you will receive the agenda, chairman's statement, rent form and last year's minutes to your email shortly. 

A resolution to be put to the membership this year will be an increase in rents which you see outlined on the rent form. Please use the rent form to give us up to date details of your home address and contact details. It is so important that we can get in touch with you, especially if there an unfortunate incident such as a break in to the plot. Many thanks

21st December - The Humble Potato

The Trading Hut will be taking delivery of seed potatoes in January/February (depending on weather conditions), for more information, visit the Trading Hut pages: Book early to avoid disappointment! 

16th December - Trading Hut News, AGM & Thompson & Morgan Seed Catalogues

The Trading Hut will be moving to winter trading hours from 27th December: Until approximately mid-February, the Trading Hurt will only be open from 11am till midday Saturday & Sundays; the full range of stock remains on sale, and a new price list is now available. An updated rota is also available here.

The 2016 Moorside Allotments Association Annual General Meeting will be held on 27th January 2016 at 7.30 pm in the Church Hall of St James’ and St Basil’s Church on the corner of Fenham Hall Drive and Wingrove Road North. Previous AGM information can be found here, and paperwork will be issued in January ahead of the meeting

Finally, anyone who has picked up the 2016 Thompson & Morgan Seed Catalogues from the Moorside Shop over the past few weeks: please note that we need your completed order form and payment (made out to Thompson & Morgan Ltd) returned to the Moorside Shop no later than 12 noon on Sunday 20th December 2015.  This deadline enables us to place our bulk order with the company in time to receive our substantial discounts on both seeds and plants, as well as free delivery (on seeds).

2nd December - Topsoil & Christmas Crafts Event

The Trading Hut page has information on the availability of some enriched topsoil available at £35 per ton, we've also been told about an Christmas craft event taking place this weekend in Exhibition Park - click the poster for more information

2015 xmas Ex

20th November - Committee Meeting Minutes, Water & Toilets

The October Committee minutes are now available on the committee page or click here. With the expected cold snap this weekend, the water supply will be turned off tomorrow until late March / early April (once the threat of frosts drops off) and the pipes drained down to prevent frost damage. This also means the on-site toilets will be closed as well until the spring.

2nd November - Greening Wingrove News & Free Pizza!

Greening Wingrove have been heavily involved in the organising of the "Back to the Land IV" conference next Saturday (7th November) in Jarrow - more information can be found on the new Local Events page.

In addition, the Greening Wingrove Orchard Group have busily been building a pizza oven, which will be formally launched on Saturday 14th November in the Bike Garden in Nunsmoor Park - the pizza will be free, but donations are welcome. For more information click here or visit the Local Events page


 21st October - Water Supply, skip, And The Bonfire Season Approaches

Bonfires on allotments are permitted from 1st November to 31st March every year. If you are planning on burning anything on your plot please read the Bonfire Code Of Practice beforehand, and please remember:

  •  Don’t light your fire when the wind is blowing towards local residents’ properties or likely to cause a thi ck haze across the main road. 
  • Try to choose a dry day when the material you are burning is not too wet and therefore likely to create lots of smoke.
  •  Make sure your fire is extinguished before you leave your allotment.
  • Remember that burning of plastics and treated wood is not allowed as both give off noxious fumes.
  • Consider our wildlife and make sure there are no little creatures, especially hedgehog, living in your bonfire heap.

Water Supply - As a general rule, we turn off our mains water supply at the main stopcock on Nunsmoor at the end of October.  This is done to avoid any damage to pipework from the frosts.  The system is drained, taps are left open and the toilets cleaned and closed up for the winter. If the weather is mild, as it has been this year, we might leave the water on for a little longer but we keep an eye on the forecasts and take immediate action to avoid problems. Therefore, should gardeners wish to fill water butts etc, please do so before the end of October, to be on the safe side.

Autumn Skip - Twice a year at the beginning and end of the season, we organise a skip to take away selected rubbish from our allotments that cannot be burned.  We are expecting our autumn skip towards the end of October, so keep a look out for the notice that Krys, our Secretary, posts on each of the entrance gates with updated information, including items which are not to be ‘skipped’. For instance please remember that the skip is not the place for importing off-site domestic rubbish, nor is it acceptable to dispose of wood, tyres, weeds, hedge cuttings etc on it. Please empty plastic bags into the skip as loose rubbish takes up less room.  Metal can be heaped tidily behind the trading hut and we get a local scrap merchant to take it away.

Finally, please do not overload the skip. Once it is full, you will invariably see a polite notice to that effect on the side. The suppliers can refuse to take it if it is too full, so please help us in that respect.

15th October - Trading Hut, Swap & Share Event, Allotment Community Survey

Newcastle Outer west are running a surplus produce swap & share on Saturday 17th October, more information available here. We've also had a request from  Keiji Makino who is currently studying for a PhD at Newcastle University.  The study will focus particularly on the allotment gardens and allotment Communities, their activities, values, concerns and prospects, and Keiji would like to obtain plot holders’ opinions and stand points over the allotment gardens. Click here for the survey form.  Finally the latest Trading Hut rota is now available - new volunteers are always welcome! Speak to Susan if you're interested.

9th October - September Committee Minutes

The September committee minutes are now available to read here

6th October - 2016 Kings Seeds & Thompson & Morgan Seed Catalogues Now Out!

With the nights drawing in and the garden winding down for the winter, the Kings Seeds, and  Thompson & Morgan Seed Cataloges are available. For more information head over to the Trading Hut pages. Both catalogues are available from the trading hut now, so get planning out your 2016 growing!

1st October - Moorside annual show: September 12th - Thank You Everyone!

show 1 






show 2





Our Moorside Annual Show is one of the highlights of our Moorside Allotments year and a lot of work goes into its organisation to ensure the event is enjoyable for all our visitors and gardeners alike.

I would therefore like to thank everyone concerned in making sure our 2015 event carried on the high standard, despite the dreadful weather.

First of all, a big thank you to the small show group whose regular meeting started very early in the year and who co-ordinated the show brochure, annual award trophies, obtained prestigious raffle prizes and sought support from interesting show stands, amongst a host of other detailed tasks.

Thank you to the team of volunteers who put up the roof cover, marquees and gazebos, set out the show tent to house the competition exhibitors and even provided an invaluable PA system so we could all hear what was going on.

Another annual attraction is the FOOD! The barbecue team Krys and Paul Gaffney never fail to disappoint with their grilled selection, while Nicky Walter and her team bring us a steady stream of drinks and tasty savoury and sweet delicacies donated by our gardeners and Association friends.

Thank you to all our stall holders who weathered the storm to man the welcome table, the varied stalls selling books, plants, jams and chutneys, artworks and conduct face painting.

And of course, admiration must go to the many gardeners who, despite a very strange year weatherwise, managed to produce a wealth of exhibits for our annual competition.

Finally and most importantly, thank you everyone who turned out as a guest in the pouring rain, ensuring another successful event.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

A report of the show with a list of prize-winners and lots of images can be viewed separately on the website soon.

 Susan Pownall

Chairman, Moorside Allotments Association.

30th September 2015.


25th September - WEA "Swap A Lot's"

The Workers’ Educational Association Green Branch are holding a series of Fruit & Veg swaps starting this weekend. Get rid of surplus produce and swap it for something you need - more information on the Offers & Wanted page

17th September - Committee Minutes & Plant Scheme Firesale

 The August Committee Meeting Minutes are now available to read,and EVERYTHING MUST GO in the Plant scheme end of season firesale. Discounts on herbs, flowers and fruit bushes: See the Plant Scheme page for more information

We've also been made aware of a planned Lifelong Learning even can be found on the News page.

News and photos from the City and Moorside shows are coming soon once everyone dries out.

2nd September - City Show this weekend!

Don't forget it's the City Allotment Show this weekend: The show organisers are looking for any surplus fruit / veg or flowers that can be donated to sell on stalls. It would be great if we could all help supply the organisers (the Allotment Working Group) with produce on the day of the show to sell to the members of the public. The money raised enables the group to support small projects on allotment sites throughout the year. Please deliver any produce to Westgate Centre for Sport , West Road , Newcastle on Saturday 5th September throughout the day (but no later than 4pm) or on the day of the show, 6th September before 10.30am. The café will be open on both days selling a range of sandwiches / fresh cakes /scones teas & coffees and more . City Show 2012 Stan27s plate 

24th August - Moorside Show

The Moorside Show brochure and entry forms are now available at the trading hut, if you wish to exhibit your fruit or vegetables please collect your brochure and form from the shop during normal Trading Hut hours

20th August - Moorside Summer Newsletter

The bi-annual Newsletter is now available to read. Many thanks to everyone who have helped make this happen!

17th August - July Committee Minutes

The minutes of the July committee meeting are now available on the committee page

16th August - Trading Hut Rota & Newsletter

Revised Trading Hut rota now available (Trading hut open 10-12 every Saturday & Sunday). The Summer 15 newsletter is expected to be available this week

8th August - Plant Scheme

“Silly season” has drawn to a close but there is stock available for late summer planting.

Planting fruit bushes is best done during late summer/autumn and spring. We have several redcurrant and gooseberry bushes. They are thriving in the ground and can be supplied as bare rooted plants for immediate planting.

Some perennials and biennials are being grown on, but we currently have dwarf wallflowers ready to plant out. We also have chilli plants which can be kept in a warm place including a kitchen window sill.

Stock will also be available at our autumn show. September is an “in-between” time for plants but is also the time for house plants. If anyone has unwanted house plants, or cuttings, please let Sue know via email, pop a message in the red post box beside the middle gate or bring them to the shop area during normal trading hut hours. (Please do not leave plants outside).

31st July - Trading Hut News & Woodchippings

The Trading Hut have just taken a delivery of a new kind of peat-free compost "Silvagrow" which is favoured by a number of professional growers. Stocks are limited so get in quick.

There's also been a delivery of free woodchippings for paths, walkways etc by the trading hut. First-come first-served, but it's hoped further deliveries will follow.

24th July - Jam Making & Coxlodge Open Day

Work is continuing on the mammoth task of making jam for the Moorside show in September (work-in-progress action shot at the right hand side); and Beverley is still looking for donations of fruit and 1lb jam jars (see the Offers & Wanted page for more information).


2015 jam making
 Coxlodge Open Day


Coxlodge Allotments are holding an open day on Saturday 15th August (12-2pm) to showcase the changes that have taken place there as a result of recent U-decide funding (which have led to creation of new facilities including a classroom, composting toilet and community plot).

Click the poster for more details

 22nd July - 2015 Newcastle City Allotments Competition

The official external judging for the 2015 Newcastle Allotments competition took place during the first week in July and we learned from Mark Todd, the City Allotments Officer, that the standard across the city has improved beyond expectations over the past few years. Such excellence makes the judging much more difficult although with a formal list of criteria to work with, the adjudication process is helped enormously.

 It is with great pride that we are able to report once again Moorside’s very own Stan and Audrey Tortoise’s success in retaining the top spot across the City in the Best Plot with Glass category.  Many congratulations!  Your garden is always a joy to look at and reflects the hard work put into it.  As an association, Moorside Allotments  also came back into the top three sites overall,  after a lapse in 2014, coming third in the City’s Best Allotment Site category. Well done to  our gardeners for setting a standard.

The complete set of results is available here and the list has also been posted on all the Moorside notice boards.  We will also be bringing you more pictures and editorial in our next Newsletter, coming out shortly.

 The trophies will be presented to the winners at the City Show which is being held at the Westgate Centre for Sport on the West Road on Sunday 6th September - details coming soon!

19th July - June Committee Minutes; Jam Jars & fruit

The minutes of the June committee meeting are now available on the committee page

Beverley is looking for jam jars & fruit to make jam for the Moorside Show - more information available here

18th July - Offers & Wanted section

By Popular(ish) demand, we now have a page where you can ask for - or offer - your services, skills or something that you'd like to get or give away. Head over to the Offers & Wanted page and get recycling

15th July - Moorside Show

Whether you would like to take part as an exhibitor of fruit, veg or flowers or would like to join us as a visitor we would be pleased to see you at the Moorside Annual Show on Saturday 12th September. Brochures which include an entry form to place exhibits will be available shortly. Also soon to come will be extra copies of the entry form deposited in two of the notice boards and to collect from the Shop during normal opening hours (10am to noon each Saturday and Sunday).

Keep watching the website for further updates, or for more information on the show see here

moorside show 2015 posterClick for larger image

Moorside show 2014 judging3


7th July - latest Trading Hut prices list available


The website is currently being redesigned - please bear with us while this takes place. The old website can be found here

The Shop team are pleased to report that our 2018 seed potato order was delivered from our wholesalers today.  We have a variety across Early, Second Early and Maincrop and all reasonably priced at £2 for a 2 KG net.  We can split a net, if you only want 1 kg.  They will be on sale in the Moorside shop from Saturday 27th January, so come along and bag your favourites – they always sell out so fast due to the VERY  reasonable prices.